Hey! They Have Friends Around The World! Atsa E’sha Hoferer work in Photo Galleries!


Atsa E’sha Hoferer

· Berkeley, CA ·

Some of these images take me back. Seeing em fly on people’s back, or sewn into someone’s jacket that they will hold forever. #FreeRedFawn#1N


Atsa E’sha Hoferer

Yesterday near Rio Rancho, NM ·

My baby boy is 5 today. Wish I was there to celebrate son. He came to outthink everybody! I know one day he will too. Happy Birthday son!


Cop your 1N Sweater.

Atsa E’sha Hoferer with Prolific TheRapper and 2 others.

21 hrs ·

These 3 have been more than bros. they always talk with me make sure I’m alright. Give me advice, give me a chance to vent or just to have some laughs. I look up to these 3. I’m glad I got to see them again, and hope to have more future reunions!






January 12 2017 at 2:38pm ·

Photo Credit:Angelo Sison


Atsa E’sha Hoferer

January 16 2017 at 10:33pm ·

If you know any Photo Galleries that would like to showcase my work, please email me: rezopstv@gmail.com


In UC Berkeley Gallery



Stand with Standing Rock Reno, Nv.

· August 26, 2016 ·

With Atsa E’sha Hoferer.

Atsa E’sha Hoferer

December 10, 2016 · 15380442_283110538752444_7887545031285258958_n

Me and Gram. She’s still here at camp. Gonna have a good meal tomorrow! #NUMU #1N

Atsa E’sha Hoferer

January 5 2017 ·

Happy Birthday Melo! She’s 2 today. Wish I can be at your Paint Party! Daddy Loves you.


Antonio Sanchez shared Atsa E’sha Hoferer’s post.

December 5, 2016 ·  4,000 Veterans coming into Camp! Wow!

Atsa E’sha Hoferer

December 5, 2016 ·

We stand. #1N


Blows the locals minds! Hey, they have friends around the World , They are not alone they really have a large family!!!!!!!

E’Sha Hoferer added a new video to album: Brothers and Sisters to the South.
October 8 2016 at 2:57pm · Our relatives have made it to Sacred Stone Camp


Atsa E’sha Hoferer

October 16, 2016 ·

EPIC. Full moon at Sacred Stone Camp



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