Daily Arrest Quotas Needed for County Pay Roll?????? Or Lose Your Job? :(

sddefault_liveDrone photo of the police sitting on top of grave yards / burial grounds, walking and driving on the bodies of family members of  the Tribe !!!!!! In other areas they dug up the graves and laid pipe in them:( These people have no souls:( They need prayers, at least for their children’s sake, as that is their children’s drinking water, too!


Image may contain: 1 person
Image may contain: 1 person

‎Lori Davis‎ to Morton County Sheriff’s Department

18 hrs · Saint Anthony, ND ·

This asshat unclipped his gun and had his hand on it when he pulled over two native protectors I was riding with. He sited the protector with reckless driving which is a $30 ticket and made the other passenger also a native hand over his Id. Of course myself and my friend with our white privilege weren’t worth addressing. The reason for the pull over was we passed cars on the road doing lower than speed limit and this guy probably almost seriously endangering lives finally caught up to us several miles down the road.














Water Soaked clothing in subzero weather taken off and left behind as medics used blankets to get youth to  warm shelter!

What were they doing there? Trying to clear the bridge, so people can get to hospitals or get supplies when needed.





ONE Spirit continues our staunch support of these Lakota Protectors of Water, Earth and Future Generations. Here is how they came by their decision to stay in ND:

Toward the end of the long blizzard, on the night of Dec. 7th, they circled for a sacred pipe ceremony to pray and consider what to do. They unanimously decided to stay despite the sub-zero weather, despite being advised to leave, and despite the Army Corps’ denial of DAPL’s permit to drill under the river.

(One rumor is that DAPL is drilling anyway. They haven’t removed the barricades or razor wire around the drill pad. Armed police guards haven’t left. Regardless, these guys don’t trust what DAPL will do if everyone leaves the campground. So they advised the elders of their decision and the elders gave their approval because they are young Lakota who understand the harsh winter conditions there.

The next morning – Dec. 8th – the sun reappeared! One person stopped by their tent and donated some food. Another stopped by with some firewood. Their prayer was answered and they were grateful all day.

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Image may contain: one or more people







Some of her belongings/ tipi along with others folks belongings, dumped on the side of the road .






Deon Norris to Native Music

6 hrs ·

A MASSIVE EFFORT IS UNDERWAY TO FREE RED FAWN ……After being WRONGFULLY ACCUSED OF CRIMES #FREEREDFAWN Make sure to hit the love button on this post to show your support for her.
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************* LETS GET HER OUT OF JAIL TODAY!!**************

A MASSIVE EFFORT IS UNDERWAY TO FREE RED FAWN ……After being WRONGFULLY ACCUSED OF CRIMES #FREEREDFAWN Make sure to hit the love button on this post to show your support for her

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Free Red Fawn

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She was holding a very old sacred prayer stick in her hands, as they tried to pull it away from her:( She did not want them to destroy it, so she hung on with all the strength she had in her:( So they lied and said it was a gun and she shot them with it:( lol But it was all being filmed the whole time it was happening!!!!!!! They finally dropped those charges!

Are they letting her keep her clothes on as she is jailed? They had ripped clothes off another young woman and had her jailed naked:( Are they the  same men from the DAPL Man camps? Stealing and raping the women and girls of the area??????  Why do they want to keep the women in jail? Bond was put up for her I understand but want more?.





 shared a link.

12 mins ·

Their favorite  traffic stops  or  for parking your car  at a motel or gas station in town, or  for flying a Camera Drone recording what  is/was happening?

Help Prolific TheRapper Get Lawyer/Prove Innocen.

I need your help relatives. Morton County unjustly charged me with a felony, and denied my app for a Pub. Defender. Dec 5th = arraignment. I met with an attorney who says I have a strong case, but I need help. Please share. I love you all, thank…








Standing Rock. Photo by Jason M. Peterson


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