History is right now. Unist’ot’en Camp shared/ This is nothing short of amazing.

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This is nothing short of amazing.


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Am so overwhelmed.ARRIVED AT STANDING ROCK. My estimate is 15-20 thousand . The line of cars to get in camp is a quarter-mile long bumper-to-bumper. A propane truck was leaving so they’re filling propane I see the Porta potty’s and everything seems to be functioning in the snow. We just got word from the veterans camp the 212 busloads of 4200+ veterans is on the way. PRAISE CREATOR !!!! Mni Waconi “Water is lLfe !

I wish my children were here! Daddy Loves You Missy LegionCiyin OliveiraRize OliveiraAren Oliveira

History is right now.

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