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Prolific TheRapper with Myron Dewey

NEW EVIDENCE: This is what happens in America when we let our politicians get bought by Big Oil Corporations. ON 10-27-16 they SHOT A LIVE LETHAL ROUND at one of our UNARMED YOUTH HORSE RIDERS WHO WAS RIDING AWAY FROM THEM. This is a police state, this is not American, this is Fascism.

Human rights abuses galore. People being held in dog kennels. Police Brutality, Reckless Endangerment, Lines blurred between DAPL security/police, Zero Police Accountability, Police taking orders from unidentified masked men, Illegal Search and Seizures, Unjust charges pressed on Journalists, Egregious Felonies placed on protectors, Excessive bond sought by states attorney, NO CHARGES ON POLICE OR SECURITY TO DATE (none for the dog attacks, or illegal shooting of drones, or the DAPL infiltrator who broke through a barricade chasing protectors with an AR-15).

And for what? For wanting a FULL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT. For wanting fair inclusion of tribes concerns on projects that affect their water, graves & sacred sites. For wanting human rights abuses to stop. For wanting clean water.

Everyday that we delay this pipeline is $6,000,000 that DAPL loses. This is why we have seen an escalation of police/DAPL violence. This police state was made possible when the ND Governor declared a State Of Emergency. Those emergency powers give him the ability to change the rules governing the agencies involved as he sees fit. But he needs to portray us as a dangerous, riotous, hazard to public safety in order to justify this police state. That is why it’s so important for the world to see the true story, beyond infiltrators, that we are peaceful no matter what violence and injustice they perpetrate on us. See the laws here – http://www.legis.nd.gov/cencode/t37c17-1.pdf

Despite everything we remain with prayer.

Obama needs to step in NOW, not later, NOW. #NoDAPL



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Indigenous Life Movement with Nirvana Anulekha and William Hawk Birdshead.

October 27 at 8:12pm ·


#CNNiReport #CNN #CNNInternational



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BuzzFeed News added a new video: If You Are a Rock, Stand Up Like a Mountain.

October 23 at 10:04am ·

For months, people have gathered to fight the Dakota Oil Pipeline that will cut through sacred Native American land. This is life at the Sacred Stone Camp.



Image may contain: one or more people


“The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” ~ Albert Einstein
(We can be better humans.)






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Bold Iowa

16 hrs ·

THANK YOU to Iowa farmer Shirley Gerjets for hosting Bold Iowa’s #FarmersDefenseCamp last week on her land taken against her will via eminent domain by Dakota Access! #NoDAPL #StopEminentDomainAbuse

“It may get underground, but it’s gonna get stopped so they can never put oil through it,” said Gerjets, who has been offered money repeatedly, but wasn’t interested. “It’s dirty money, they’re bribing,” said the feisty, tough as nails farmer. “I’m going down screaming and kicking.”

Chip in to help cover legal and court costs for the eight brave Water Protectors arrested in nonviolent actions to stop construction on Shirley’s land: http://bit.ly/BakkenLegalFund


Feisty Tough as Nails Farmer Fighting Pipeline by Allowing Protesters to Camp on her Farm Land

ROCKWELL CITY, Iowa – “It may get underground, but it`s gonna get stopped so…


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