Standing Rock — What’s Going On Behind Closed Doors Under The Media’s Noses 09/14/2016

Mark Zuckerberg, what the Hell is wrong with you?

The Protectors (because they are so much more than damn protesters!) at Standing Rock have been calling and texting me that they’re Facebook livestreams have been cut off.

Whaaaaattttt? was my response.

Yep, they continued . . . and the police are over there arresting people left and right.

Including Quese IMC, the young native warrior who has been tweeting and speaking out on what this fight is all about.

Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká / ShadowCatcherPro

Antonio Sanchez



This video was made during a trip to Standing Rock over Labor Day weekend. Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká has been involved with the Spirit Camps near the Cannon Ball River since the very beginning of the struggle to put a stop to the DAPL.

Floris Ptesáŋ Huŋká

Floris shares her concerns regarding the Direct Access Pipeline being opposed by her and many others who have amassed along the Cannon Ball River near the St…