Trudeau sidesteps questions about Energy East pipeline hearings

Walking the Red Road

Prime Minister Trudeau seems to in a no-win situation! If the Prime Minister honors his promises to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and stands against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, those in China that want Tar Sands Oil will be heartbroken. If he chooses China’s hunger for Tar Sands Oil, then he will face Protectors of Mother Earth every bit as strong as the growing opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. What do think Prime Minister Trudeau will do?

What if he were to stand against Kinder Morgan and drop all duties and tariffs on Chinese Solar, which is the most advanced and inexpensive in the world. Then make it a priority to invest in Solar Energy with those First Nations who want to participate and train 1000″s of First Nations young people who want to have careers in Solar Energy. If Germany and other Northern European Countries can do it, why not Canada?


Trudeau sidesteps questions about Energy East pipeline hearings

Justin Trudeau sidestepped a question Saturday when asked about concerns over the independence of the National Energy Board hearings into the Energy East oil…

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