Repeated History:( Really? In 2016 The Now! Shame On You – Says The Creator Of The Universe / I Am Sure!!


Lyla June Johnston was live.

September 4 at 10:48am ·

Lakota call for increased allegiance to nonviolence even in light of recent events. #NoDAPL #MniWichoni #SacredStoneCamp #WaterIsLife. For updates see Waniya Locke’s live speeches on her feeds.





















Army Corps backs restraining order against Dakota Access Pipeline

The Obama administration hasn’t changed its stance in the case but is showing some solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Sioux…

The two tribes called for the temporary restraining order in response to the destruction of sacred sites and burial grounds in the path of the pipeline. They each filed their motions on Sunday, highlighting the emergency nature of their requests.

“I do not believe that the timing of this construction was an accident or coincidence. Based on my observations, the nearest area of construction in the right of way west of Highway 1806 is around 20 miles away,” Tim Mentz Sr., the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s former longtime historic preservation officer, stated in a sworn declaration on Sunday.

“It appears that DAPL drove the bulldozers approximately 20 miles of uncleared right of way to access the precise area that we surveyed and described in my declaration. The work started very early in the morning and they were accompanied by private security with dogs and with a helicopter overhead, indicating that the work was planned with care and that controversy was expected.”







Along with their own attack dogs turning on them!



They end up macing themselves in the wind.

Teko Alejo's photo.
Teko Alejo's photo.

Teko Alejo added 2 new photos.

September 6 at 11:31pm · Cannon Ball, ND ·

On Saturday, totally untrained, for-hire private guards, hired by Dakota Access, end up macing themselves in the wind. #NoDAPL #WaterIsSacred #StandingRock





shared Ta’Sina Sapa Win’s photo.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Ta’Sina Sapa Win

Here it is. An article came out this morning where the headline said Peaceful Protest: Dogs Injured. Smh. Here’s a headline for you: PEACEFUL PROTEST: UNARMED LAKOTA MOTHER VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY DAPL’s TRAINED KILLER DOGS!!

“They were using the dogs as a deadly weapon. And that’s something that needs to be looked into.” – Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Calls for Investigation of Dog Attacks on Native American Protesters

On Saturday in North Dakota, security guards working for the Dakota Access pipeline company attacked Native Americans with dogs and pepper spray.


















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September 3 at 9:13pm · Cannon Ball, ND ·

This warrior woman was bitten today by a Dakota Access security dog as she stood her ground with over a hundred protectors to prevent the bulldozing of a sacred site. The company is unleashing violence upon those who want nothing more than to protect the water, their children, and all future generations.

When I interviewed her, she said, “They stood there smugly and laughed at us. I did this for my mom. I did this with the spirits. My grandmother always told me to stand up for what I believe in, to stand up for my children. When I feel that my son’s future is threatened, that he might be poisoned, that he might not get to experience life because of cancer, how can I not protect my child? I’ll die for my son. For his future, for all of these children’s futures. What little we have left, I will protect.”






Standing in front of  bulldozing of  sacred site ………










The youth at 57 posted this picture!









Obama visited their Rez







Papers filed in federal court on Friday disclose several dramatic finds on private land near the path of the controversial pipeline. The sites are so significant that Tim Mentz Sr., the tribe’s former longtime historic preservation officer, is calling them once in a lifetime discoveries. “This is one of the most significant archeological finds in North Dakota in many years,” Mentz, who was the first certified tribal historic preservation officer in the nation, said in a sworn declaration, in reference to one remarkable discovery. That find, according to Mentz, is a large stone feature that depicts the Big Dipper, one of the most important constellations in Lakota cosmology. He said he has only ever seen three in his lifetime but he believes this one to be especially significant because it is attached to a grave site. “This means that there is a very important leader buried here, what the Elders would say of him as ‘he was beyond reproach,'” Mentz stated.



























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