We Are Water! Water Is Life! #‎NoDAPL

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Jacqueline Keeler

Yesterday at 6:07pm ·

Dakota Access crews have moved to the East bank & are cutting off roads. Canoes & Kayaks needed! #‎WaterAction‬‪#‎NoDAPL‬‪#‎RezpectOurWater

“The river is our road & our life” – Mni Sose


KILI Radio 90.1 FM

Judge Thomas A. Davies says our Native American brothers and sisters at Standing Rock need all of our support.


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Movie star joins pipeline protest as 10 arrested in heavily policed scene

MORTON COUNTY — A movie star on Thursday joined the largest protest yet to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from crossing the Missouri River near the…

bismarcktribune.com|By Lauren Donovan

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Tanka president Mark Tilsen, along with his friends Bruce and Rich Ellison, are heading up to Standing Rock to support our brothers and sisters fighting the Dakota Access oil pipeline in order to protect our sacred water. They are bringing 5.700 Tanka Bars with him to feed the people.



My Very Beloved Relatives,


We are at another defining moment for the upliftment of our Indigenous Peoples, the Human Family and Mother Earth! Throughout our Indigenous history in Turtle Island, there are times in our quest for Justice, Harmony, and Protecting Mother Earth that stand out!! In our more recent history, these defining moments are the Occupation of Wounded Knee, Oka, Gustafson Lake and others.


What these defining moments lacked, as they were unfolding, was the complete and unequivocal support of our Indian Act and IRA Governments in Canada and the United States. This disunity fomented by the Governments of Canada and the US between our once unified Nations has deeply hurt our ongoing quest for justice for all Life, within and upon Mother Earth!


It is clear that the divinely inspired actions unfolding at Cannon Ball, Standing Rock, South Dakota, to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline are an essential part of the fulfillment of our Sacred Prophecies. This Spirit of Unprecedented, Unified Action is calling out to Indigenous Peoples and our Allies everywhere on Mother Earth!


Therefore, I respectfully request that all Indian Act and IRA governments send official representatives to Cannon Ball to support the Peoples of Chief’s Gall and Sitting Bull in halting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Furthermore, I respectfully request it be made clearly manifest by our Indigenous Nations, to the Governments of Canada and the United States, that any form of disrespect to our Representatives at Cannon Ball, legally or otherwise, is an illegal action against the Sovereignty and Inherent Rights of all Indigenous Nations and Peoples represented.


With Warm, Respectful and Loving Greetings,


Brother, Uncle, and Grandfather, Phil Lane Jr.


Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations







Chuck Davis Sr.

thank you Farmer Brothers…..We stand in United Protecting Excellence!!!!…..No DAPL!!!……..

Iowa Farmers File Lawsuit to Protect Land and Livelihood from Pipeline

DES MOINES, Iowa — For some, the idea to allow a crude oil pipeline over 1,000…

whotv.com|By WHO TV Channel 13 News


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Just in case you think that Enbridge is done with us here in Minnesota… They may be thinking to move the Sandpiper out west… but they are proceeding with the Line 3 plan, and hope to abandon the aging and dirty pipes. . Sign .. and then join us..

Department of Justice: Tell DOJ Not to Support Tar Sands Pipelines in Mississippi Headwaters and MN Lakes – Sign the Petition!

James Reents just signed this petition on Change.org.


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Sioux holy man

Arvol Looking Horse, a Sioux holy man from the Cheyenne River Reservation, leads hundreds out of a new protest camp set up near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation boundary to

bismarcktribune.com|By Lauren Donovan

Sioux tribe sues Army Corps over Bakken pipeline project

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sued the Army Corps of Engineers over permits for a massive crude oil pipeline stretching from North Dakota to Illinois.


Listening now to Ladonna Brave Bull Allard, owner of the land where ‪#‎NoDAPL‬ protests are taking place. KBOO Community Radio

Major battle erupts over Dakota Access Pipeline

Guest LaDonna  Brave Bull Allard is from Cannonball, North Dakota and a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. She is owner of the 360 acres of land on…


Sazue Brandon

Crow Creek getting ready!!! Standingrock, we are coming




Indigenous Environmental Network

“It’s a historic place of commerce where enemy tribes camped peacefully within sight of each other,” said Jon Eagle Sr, in an interview with Indian Country Today. “In the area are sacred stones where our ancestors went to pray for good direction, strength and protection for the coming year. The stones are still there, and our people still go there today.”

Although the pipeline will not directly cross an environmentally protected area or federally reserved indigenous land, under current proposals it will pass within half a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and traverse 209 rivers and creeks.

Native American protesters disrupt work on oil pipeline – BBC News

A group of Native American protesters halts work on a large oil pipeline in the US state of North Dakota.





My beautiful Daughter “Wiconi Wahacanka Mani Win” and her friends are also on the front with our relatives up in Hunkpapa territory in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Was’te La’ke Sweetheart Emily Janis A’te is really proud of you. MUCH RESPECT!! AKISA!!! AKISA!!! AKISA!!! — in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.









Honor the Earth’s post.

This is all worth protecting … Sacred grounds, sacred waters. ‪#‎MNIWiconi‬ ‪#‎WaterisLife‬























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