Oil Pipeline Fire In The Moscow River

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Ever wondered what happens when an oil pipeline bursts underwater?

This footage of a oil spill in Moscow that caught on fire last week will give you an unforgettable picture.

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As Rivers Run Black in Peru, Indigenous Tribes Left Cleaning Big Oil’s Disaster

“Those responsible, where are they?” Water supply and delicate ecosystem contaminated by spate of oil spills in Amazon

Published on

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Common Dreams










Wednesday, July 20, 2016

—Canada’s energy sector has several formidable issues to deal with, but two of the trickiest surround pipeline leaks and how to deal with tailings ponds in the oilsands. On Thursday, the Alberta Energy Regulator took a stab at tackling both hot potatoes. It put out new guidelines for how oilsands producers in northern Alberta should manage their tailings ponds. Separately, it issued an advisory admonishing companies for faulty leak detection within their pipeline systems that handle oil well effluent and produced water; in some cases, leaks weren’t recognized for several days.————-Clearly, this isn’t simply a perception problem. One only need look at last July’s leak involving a Nexen Energy pipeline at its Long Lake project that led to about 31,000 barrels of emulsion — a mixture of water, sand and bitumen — spilling in the muskeg. Nexen executives said this week their investigation found the rupture occurred June 11, but was not discovered until July 15, due to shortcomings in the pipeline’s automation leak-detection system.











Staff and volunteers work to clean oil off a brown pelican at the International Bird Rescue centre in San Pedro, Los Angeles, Calif. Crude petroleum gushed onto San Refugio State Beach and into the Pacific on Tuesday when an underground pipeline burst. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)











Pipeline Oil Spill Leaks 50000 Gallons Into Yellowstone River – YouTube

Jan 21, 2015 – Uploaded by TheLipTV

An oil spill in Montana’s Yellowstone river dumped 50000 gallons of oil from a burst pipeline and tainted …




Pipeline Rupture On Arkansas River Leaks 4 Million Cubic Feet of …

Jun 3, 2015 – Uploaded by DAHBOO77

Pipeline Rupture On Arkansas River Leaks 4 Million Cubic Feet of Natural Gas …. and fluorated drinking …




June 23, 2016

Spilled oil fills a ravine, Thursday, June 23, 2016, in Ventura, Calif. Thousands of gallons of crude oil spilled Thursday from a pipeline and flowed down a ravine in Southern California



List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century / 2016

On February 14, a 6-inch crude oil pipeline broke near Rozet, Wyoming, spilling about 1,500 gallons of crude oil into a creek bed.[562]



On April 2, the TransCanada Corporation Keystone Pipeline was observed by a local resident to be leaking, near Freeman, South Dakota. The cause was a crack in a girth weld, and amount of tar sands dilbit spill was about 1,700 gallons.[568][569]




On May 20, a Shell Oil Company pipeline leaked near Tracy, California, spilling about 21,000 gallons of crude oil.[574]




Plaintiff Eric Dooh shows the crude oil, allegedly from Shell pipeline leaks,





  • On June 23, a Crimson Pipeline crude oil line leaked in Ventura County, California. Initial reports said the spill size was from 25,200 gallons to 29,000 gallons, but, later reports estimate 45,000 gallons of crude were spilled.[575][576]




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