Sacred Water / We Are Water !






Water has a memory! It is a Spirit and very much alive!!!!!!!

Pray and Sing Water Songs to your water ways around where you live!!!!!!!

Even thank the water you drink!!!!!!!

Your body is made mostly of water so Speak kindly to yourself and your family!!!!!!!

This video below shows the memory of water. It was frozen so a picture could be taken of it.

It is shocking to see the reaction water has to words or  the environment  it is found in at that moment:(

Bad words or a bad environment can make Water Sick 😦





































Kinship of

















Uploaded on Apr 14, 2011 “the water is sick…and people need to really fight for that water, to speak for that water, to love that water” (Josephine Mandamin, Mother Earth Water Walk)

The Water Song

Brought forth by Mashkoonce Day, Wasaw Wahzhoo Banaise Dodem (Condor Clan)

Performed by Dorene Day, Waubanewquay, Marten Clan
Produced by Stephen Lang

The story of the Nibi (Water) Song told by Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson, Migizi Clan.

This song was written by Doreen Day at the request of her grandson. She attended a conference about the water in which the internationally known speaker, Dr. Masaru Emoto said, the very least we should do every day, is to speak to the water:

Water, we love you.
We thank you.
We respect you.

So she did this. Every day on their drive to drop Mashkoonce (Little Elk) to school, they passed a body of water. And every day they said these words to the water as they drove by. They made games by saying it in different voices and then would say it as fast as they could. Then one day Mashkoonce, said, “Nokomis why can’t we say this in our language?” So, Dorene asked her daughter’s language teacher to write it in Ojibwemowin. Dorene had the words taped to the car visor as they learned the words.

One day this grandson Mashkoonce said, “Nokomis why don’t we sing the words, don’t you think the water would like it to be sung?” So she thought about it and came up with the tune. They sang this song to the water every morning on their drive to school.

It is sung like a lullaby and we don’t use shakers or drums.

Doreen and her grandson, Mashkoonce, give permission for everyone to share this song… sing it to the water every day.

Ne-be Gee Zah- gay- e- goo
Gee Me-gwetch -wayn ne- me — goo
Gee Zah Wayn ne- me- goo…

















Healing Water Songs




















We Are Water












































We Are Water: Kinship of Rivers (Wang Ping lead artist and curator)

Buffalohair – Jage Universe 7












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Mountain stream















International River Day 2016























Kachin State: International River Day ~2














“Water is Life”: Guatemalan March for Water Rights Connects Struggles Across Latin America
Upside Down World









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