Buffalohair: Tribute to a Truly Great Humanitarian Robert Perske

Tribute to a Truly Great Humanitarian Robert Perske

bovThrough my camera lens I witnessed history and I also observed greatness, a true humanitarian & acclaimed author,*Robert Perske, champion of the innocent and the abused. If you met him you would know how inspirational he is and the battles that he fought for those who had no voice. But for me, he became my mentor, my personal inspiration and my dear friend.


It’s been a while now since Bob and I chewed the fat as he and his army of compatriots struggled fought and finally achieved the impossible, the posthumous pardon of an man/child **Joe Arridy who was executed for a crime he was incapable of committing so long ago.


Inspired by Bob’s book ***’Deadly Innocence?’, Screenwriter Dan Leonetti, Photographer Antonio Sanchez and Advocacy Coordinator Craig Severa set out on an impossible trek to clean the name of an innocent man, with Bob at the helm steering them through turbulence times and the many obstacles that lay before them through the years of struggle. Bob was and continues to be the guiding light for all that is humanity.


The momentum grew as more concerned human beings joined in the struggle to vindicate this man/child Joe Arridy. Eventually drawing hard hitting attorney David Martinez who through cunning and the professionalism that brought him success in the first place, placed a pardon on Colorado Governor Bill Ritter’s desk. Fortunately the noble signed the pardon and the rest is history, it took a decade to pull it off, but they pulled off the impossible and Robert Perske was the tip of the spear.


Guess I should call him Mr. Robert Perske for he truly deserves a formal title but if Bob was here he’d scoff at the formality. Bob is a very down to earth guy and a joy to chat with for his every word is true inspiration. What started out as some footage for a feature film turned into an epic journey into the mind of a true leader and humanitarian, Mr. Robert Perske. But if he were here he would kick my butt for being so damn formal!


Though I learned so much just from watching Bob through my camera, it was when the lights were all packed up and my gear was stowed away when I got to meet the real Robert Perske and it was refreshing to note he was the very same guy off camera as he was on camera. Bob is the real deal and should be considered a national treasure for all his giving and fighting for those who have no voice. Though I could never fill his shoes, I’ve chosen to walk his path. Like a squirrel following a the mighty grizzly bear, I will forever be in his shadow.


What was real cool, I became his student of sorts and would sit with him hours after engagements when we had the time to chat and I would savor his every word for I was truly learning how he fights for the weak and rallies the troops. Those talks are priceless lessons on how to achieve the impossible and hopefully I am going to do exactly what BOB taught me, to achieve the impossible and it’s all Bob’s fault, right Bob?


Robert Perske, you are my personal inspiration and I promise to keep the struggle for humanity alive and strong. I learned and I breath your wisdom and your words Bob, I to can also hear the cries of the weak and the innocent for it was you who cleaned my ears, I’m going to make history and it’s all because of you. Bob, you are the very essence of humanity and I got a bonnaroo teacher.








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