Are These Ads Telling People How To Destroy usa?


They say these people doing it, are from over seas:( But in fact the ones they mention? They were started from the usa White House! With destroying the Grids  or destroying all power currents EMP style?


But then they go on to show how to survive with an Amish life style! Yes, they want to sell the info they gathered, via a book they have.

I think they are talking about putting electric  or solar items into a cardboard  box and wrapping  it in aluminum foil to protect the working parts from being fried, so it can be used later?  Plus just living the ‘Off The Grid’ life style. Old Fashion !

Or else the real poor style of what we use to call going rough camping.





Are we ever totally prepared? Maybe in the past but not now? Away from the sources you use to have?  Wow! Get creative on how to stay warm in winter!!!!!!! How to have food and  clean drinking water!!!!!!!

I have been gathering tips on survival over the years and sharing those tips for free in my blogs! I hope they have helped!


Be safe out there folks!




Little Running Deer / Ann/ Jage


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