Mysterious huge crack developing in Wyoming / Elk Herds Running Away

Antonio Sanchez shared Mojo TV’s video.

Mother Earth telling them to run to a safer place? JagE.


Mojo TV uploaded a new video: Huge Elk Herd.

March 7 ·

Largest elk herd I’ve ever seen! Have you ever seen a larger herd??

Big thanks to Allen Bostic for sending us this video!







Mysterious huge crack developing in Wyoming

No one witnessed the crack’s start.





Antonio Sanchez shared a link.




Could you imagine running into this massive crack in the earth while hunting? Don’t approach it! Experts say it can be dangerous.

Hunters chasing after the antelope in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains have come across something quite unexpected: a crack in the earth about 700 yards long and 50 yards wide. The natural phenomenon was first recorded by Randy Becker and then later shared online by SNS Outfitters, an antelope hunting guide service, where the pictures soon started a buzz.

“While hunting this past weekend in the Bighorns, we came across an awesome example of how our earth is not as stable as you might think. Awesome forces at work here to move this much dirt!!” Becker wrote on Facebook.














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