RE: “Poverty is not natural. It is “white” man made.”














“Poverty is not natural. It is “white” man made. For the vast majority of human history there was no poverty. This is when all of the people on Mother Earth lived “naturally” in family-tribal communities. In this time wealth creation (the meeting of human needs) was 100% localized and controlled by the individual and one’s family. This was a natural world with 100% Natural people living the natural righteous way in balance with spiritual laws of the universe.

Today we have an artificial world created by artificial people which is out of balance with the spiritual and natural laws of the universe. Poverty is inherent to imbalance, and imbalance is a core element to the artificial world and thus poverty is intentional. It is built into the system and as long as we live in artificial systems, believe in the systems and advocate for them there will be always be poverty. How did we get to this devilish world?

For all of human history, up until about 6,000 ago, there was only one type of people in the world. These were “natural” Brown people living in nature, in balance and deeply connected to and in harmony with Mother Earth-Wakan Tanka. These were the loving and meek people who had inherited Mother Earth. They lived in peace and harmony with no violence, no war, no jealousy, no laws, no authority, no jails, no pollution and no poverty.

About 6,000 years ago a new kind of human appeared-mankind-because he was kind of a man-a new model–supposedly an upgrade. This was an artificial human created via artificial selection or domestication to be a superior human having dominion over all other entities on planet Earth. This was and is the white man–hence the roots of white supremacy. It was a human domesticated from Natural brown Africans and not evolved naturally from Africans as most scientists say. (See reference below showing three sources from three different branches of white science showing that white people have only been on the planet for about 6,000 years.) We know that white people could not have evolved naturally on Mother Earth via natural selection because: 1) Evolution selects for genes that are best suited for an environment and pale non-melinated skin is not suited for a planet with a sun such as the Earth. 2) There are zero “natural” pale skin animals living of the surface of Mother Earth with no hair covering their body. If you shave a monkey you’ll find pale skin but this skin is fully protected by a coat of hair. 3) If pale skin naturally evolves because of climate and latitude then white people should also have naturally evolved in the Western Hemisphere, from Brown Native Americans, at the same latitude as Europe (around the Canadian-USA border). Perhaps this is where all of those white Cherokees come from.

This new artificial human, unlike the natural human, had no desire to live in harmony with Mother Earth and was very uncomfortable and fearful of the natural world. He instead desired controlling her, conquering her, dominating her, taming her, manipulating her on his terms and all for his benefit. These were the traits selected for in the artificial selection process. His tool for all of the activity above is the seemingly innocent notion of “invention.” In having dominion and control over Mother Earth the artificial human began converting all Natural life on Mother Earth to be artificial life like himself via domestication. And we see this today with the rise of domesticated plants and animals (dogs, cats, cows, chickens, pigs all made from natural animals) and the decline of natural animals via domestication and species extinction. We see it with the domestication of virtually all Natural Brown people on the planet as we have been “civilized” with the kill the Indian save the man plan. We see it with the disruption of natural life at a dna level with the contamination of the planet with dna altering uranium via uranium mining, nuclear plants, x-rays, exploded nuclear weapons in the air, water and land. We see it with the mass movement toward GMO (genetically modified foods) and genetic engineering of plants and animals. We see it in the pollution and corruption of the natural world so that natural plants and animals survive less well than artificial life. With their inventions White people are literally trying to make a better world that the one God created–they are in competition with God.

Today we accept invention as absolute, natural and normal but as we look at the condition of the world, on every front, common sense tells that invention is evil. Every river in the world is polluted with heavy metals, PCB’s, mercury, uranium, chemicals and other toxins. Every square inch of air and ocean and land on Mother Earth is polluted from coal burning, cars, factors, uranium, farms, chemicals, electricity generation. Please search for the You Tube video of the Prophecy Rock by Thomas Banyanka, a Hopi Elder who explains the evils of invention of the white man. The end goal of white people invention is creating an artificial world, using Mother Earth’s natural “entities” as his raw materials (Natural Brown people, natural animals, natural trees, natural air, natural water, natural minerals, etc). The trends show that the plan is to continue until everything “natural” that God created is exterminated and replaced with an artificial version. This destruction of the natural world, that God created, puts the white man in a war with God– And the only beings in the universe at war with God are devils.

This converting process included and includes domesticating ALL people Natural of color in the world (Brown people) to be used and part of the new artificial world (kill the Indian save the man)—breaking the spiritual, physical, emotional connection between Brown natural people and Mother Earth and forcing Brown people to live like White people: fighting, competing, domesticating, destroying, egoing, polluting, soulless, selfish, self-focused but always systemically as a second class human in the white man’s artificial world. The transition from Natural humans to artificial humans also put Brown people into a war with God as we devolve into devils like the white man. We Once Were Gods–But Are Now Devolving into Devils:
<a></a> Brown people do not get a free pass. Yes the White people forced Brown people into this system but each day we are choosing to participate in the pollution, destruction, murdering, raping and stealing and we are responsible for our actions.

Today there are three types of humans: 1) Natural or real Brown humans (nearly extinct), 2) Domesticated or Artificial white people (15% of the world’s population, and 3) Domesticated Brown people well on the way to being converted into artificial domesticated people with fake plastic smiles like white people (84.9% of the world’s population). Due to the path of white people the world is out of balance and a mess with seemingly no way out. White people are in decline with only 15% of the population and expected to be at 10% within a couple of decades. They are not reproducing and they are mixing with the Brown people of the world and are destine to go extinct. They made the mistake of spreading themselves too thin as they attempted to fight God and “colonize” the Brown people of the world. In American, they sought to exterminate ALL Brown Natural Natives though many means including murdering 95% of the population and breeding Natives out of existence. However, today they are a minority with 22% of the population with Brown Natives being 66% of the population. It is ironic that their efforts to breed us out of existence have backfired as they are now the ones being bred out of existence as their women mix with Brown men. They tried to devour the snake and the snake devoured them. And no matter how many walls and apartheid borders and “immigration” (segregation) laws that they pass they are being overrun by Brown people on EVERY front and this is because they are a small minority in a Brown World.

But white people are no longer the problem for the world. Their end is in sight. Their days were numbered before they started because by definition of their mission they were and are in a war against God. And that is a war that they were bound to lose. The problem is what will happen to Mother Earth and all of life on the planet now that Natural peaceful Brown people have forced out of living in balance and have been converted into evil domesticates in a war with God. White people invented the domesticating and controlling systems of the world. This is their baby. These systems and this way of ego, control, manipulation and authority is in their DNA because they were designed to do this as master manipulators of Wakan Tanka’s entities. Though we Brown people are mostly domesticated it is not deep enough in our DNA yet as we see in the poverty, pollution, corruption in Brown countries around the world. We are the middle people – not artificial enough and no longer natural enough. We cannot carry the white man’s evil system forward without him without mass chaos, poverty, corruption, pollution and genocide and we cannot “easily” go back to the balanced Indigenous ways of our ancestors. What are we to do? We do know one thing—the meek shall inherit the Earth. We must therefore return to living and being the Indigenous Ways of our ancestors.

Twenty Steps to Decolonize, Dedomesticate, Reindigize and Rebuild Our Indigenous Civilizations

Brown Continent September 24, 2015 ”


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