To Create More Chaos / Distractions / Wars Evenly Spread out For Population Control For NWO





UK Column News 7th September 2015 – News the Queen, Her Fellow Zionists and Pedophiles Don’t Want You To Hear

UK Column News 8th September 2015 – News the Queen, Fellow Zionists and Pedophiles Don’t Want You To Hear

Carlos TheZilla shared a link.
And why did they start dumping stocks like crazy earlier this year?

EU FAIL: We Must Be Mad to Risk Allowing Jihadists On Our Soil – Nigel Farage MEP – They Are Pouring

EU FAIL: Hungary Fighting to Uphold EU Border Rules in Face of Criticism – How Many Terrorist Units Have Already Entered Europe?

EU FAIL: Germany, France to Take More Migrants as EU Decides on Quota?? Screw the EU, Austerity Nations Can’t Feed Their Own NOW

EU FAIL: UN Says One Million Migrants Should Reach Europe by 2016 – The Bilderberg EU/UN Should Pay For Their Need Since Corporations Are The Benifactor of This Cheap Labor Scam

America’s Nero (Obama) Plays The Fiddle While The US Burns – Barry Parties With Unions While 94 million+ Citizens Lay in Economic Ruins, Joblessness and Homelessness Rampant

EU ‘Cheap Labor/False Dreams’ Fail: Tension On Hungary-Serbia Border As Migrants Try To Flee – With Limited Jobs in Europe This EU Fail Will End Violently

Obama Administration Looking At Ways To Ease Refugee Crisis – How About the Refugees From Bankster Financial Terrorists?? – They Are Homeless and Jobless

EU FAIL: Where Will We House The Migrants? – Gerard Batten MEP – ATTENTION IMMIGRANTS Angie Merkles House Has Free Beer and Brats

EU’S ‘CHEAP LABOR-MIGRATION SCAM’ FAIL: US Still Not Planning To Take Many More Refugees – America Can’t Take Care of Her Own Citizens NOW


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