Buffalohair – Jage Press / Saved News 8/21/2015


Buffalohair / Carlos told me to just keep doing what we are doing , don’t change any thing in our work pace? I feel electricity in the air! Do you feel that?


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Potluck German Apple Cake


 Ronda reminding me to eat something! smile emoticon heart emoticon

That Pope Francis everybody loves? Who asked for forgiveness for what he and his church has done and what he is about to do to the World ! Pope meets with Obama 9 /23 /2015. From Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 ? What ? United Nations is going to launch “The 2030 Agenda” at a major conference that will be held from September 25th to September 27th in New York City. a template for governing the entire planet.“new universal Agenda” for humanity. Alarm bells are going off in your head right about now. A Children Trafficking Ring founder Pope, setting this Hitler New World Order UN plan in motion? Chills! Still forgive him??????

Jag Ensing's photo.


Stop the Convicted Criminal Jorge Bergoglio! Posted on March 29, 2015 WANTED ​    For Crimes against…


Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing's photo.

They hate truth! They do not like a spot light shining on their crimes against Humanity or against the Earth. Yes, they will even Murder to cover up what they have done! frown emoticon

 But the Story was told from the Beginning, that this was how this would all come down , when the 1% elite crew opened that Pandora’s Box!

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Kristin Dickerson in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

I’m so honored to share this story about Cherokee National Treasure Tommy Wildcat. He and his family were delightful to be around and incredibly gracious with their time. It was a treat working with them. Congratulations Tommy!

I shot, edited, and wrote this piece.

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Mother Nature



Idle No More. Native Women. Defenders. Love the Shield.

The Mystery Of September 23: Why Does 9/23 Keep Popping Up All Over the Place?

Michael Snyder| What is going to happen on September 23rd, 2015? For months, there has been an incredible amount of buzz on the Internet about the month of


 Hummmm Even Carlos kept saying something about September here lately? No one knows day or hour! really! Or Soon, of some changes coming sooner then we think …… Ice Age we know can come faster then they have been saying of 1,000 years…… But really just in days, or hours even! We will see huh! POW! Its Over! Some believe in the rapture story strongly. For their sake I wish them the best:) Carlos feels the Good Spirits can tell us where to go to be safe? Layered in cotton and wool ! It just depends on how deep of a freeze! Or off to the Spirit World.Just will be glad to see this Evil Hurtful acts of the Elite handful is over and ended once and for all !!!!!!!

RE: Broad Coalition forms to stop papal visit to America
Broad Coalition forms to stop papal visit to America Posted on May 22, 2015 Quote: “A Global Media Advisory : Breaking News – May 22, 2015 Police will be asked to enforce arrest warrant against Jor…
“We’re horrified that the United States Congress has invited a convicted felon and the head of a child trafficking syndicate to speak to it” s

See More

Jag Ensing's photo.

Our time is running out – The Arctic sea ice is going!

Exclusive interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist Cambridge University – Filmed by Judy Sole, the University of Earth – http://www.theunive…


Cori GunnellsGeoengineering Toxins- The Air We Breathe!
5 hrs ·

Very interesting – carbon sequestration is a good thing.
Keith and Gates are not favorites by any stretch, but if this particular technology is successful as planned/stated, it is something we need on a massive scale.

Squamish site will debut device that pulls carbon dioxide directly out of the air

A climate-conscious Calgary firm is readying itself to pull carbon — and eventually cash — out of thin air with a new pilot project in B.C. Carbon Engineering, founded…

theprovince.com|By Nick Eagland

Mysterious rays all around the world

People all around the world take photos of this strange rays. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them? What is going on? Can it affect a human ev…



IDLE NO MORE!! Climate change forcing boreal forest to tipping point: study

Scientists say climate change is forcing the boreal forest that covers much of northern Canada to a tipping point.The study, published today in the journal…




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Keri Gustafson Mason‎Weather Manipulation / Chemtrails / Geoengineering

Unfortunately they’re all drinking the Kool Ade too!!!

A 4 Year-Old Got Lost And Ended Up On The Field During A Rugby Game. Watch What The Players Did

Remember when you got lost in a supermarket when you were a toddler? You probably didn’t have as much fun as this kid.


She’s Upset Her Husband Is Going To Miss Their Daughter’s Recital. She Never Saw THIS Coming!

In this touching video, a little girl and her father are asked one very simple question: What is something you’ve always wanted to do? They both had the same answer…


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Thunder Valley CDC Youth Development Program is passing out to the community their first Harvest from the Community Garden! Stop on in and take some vegetables home!

-Food Sovereignty-


Aww… Sisters at Crow Fair! Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/singsinthetimber

We’ve all got em…

Hey momoluvers! Today in making another beauty tutorial and my last for a little while probably. This is a DIY that is super simple and effective. I d…

Weatherman – Chemtrails Caused By Military !!!.3gp

sacked in the the morning.well done.


Meet Shrek – The Renegade Sheep That Avoided Shearing For Six Years By Hiding In A Cave

Shrek really, really, really did not like getting his hair cut. So for six years, this New Zealand libertarian managed to avoid spring shearings by hiding in a cave.


10 Surprising Facts About: Planet Earth

10 Surprising Facts About: Planet Earth: Home to 7.2 Billion people planet Earth is a 5 billion year old ball of Iron, Oxygen, Silicon, Magnesium, and other …



Monsanto earnings fall 34% after a year of global protests

Company that has come under fire for its genetically modified seeds said its earnings fell 34% in its first fiscal quarter


Officials Investigate Killing of 11 Horses in Chooshgai Mountains

Published August 20, 2015 MINERAL PLACE, NEW MEXICO — While walking toward three dead horses in the pines of the Chooshgai Mountains Wednesday morning,…



Sunset nap. Sequoyah National Park.





John Longbow via The Raw Story

More news of a pig

Prosecutors: Louisiana cop forced 7-year-old girl to perform oral sex

A New Orleans police officer is facing life in prison over allegations that he raped a 7-year-old girl and forced her to perform oral sex on him.


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How bout this from a delta flight attendant here in Atlanta. Happens more than you think. Check out the grounding of the wheels. WOW

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Build a Wimshurst generator for energy

When you attach different sized pulleys with belts you can get spin ratios such that one rotation on one pulley will cause 45 rotations on another.These dynamic ratios create such spin that when you spin magnets around coiled copper, you can get…

offgridquest.com|By David


Visit the main site @ Ya-Native.com

Recognition, finally, for doctor who sounded alarm on residential schools a century ago – APTN…

APTN National News The great-grandson of an influential doctor who pushed for change at residential schools more than a century ago, is on a journey …


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Hold on tight to your dreams, that’s always been our thinking. The Lakota Meat House project has reached a limbo spot after we erected the building shell. The efforts of One Spirit are honorary and we are thankful however it’s gonna take more the One Spirit to bring this project to completion. We are moving forward, at this point we are dealing with the cement floor, Dave Garcia has stepped forward to volunteer his cement finishing trade. This is really big as we see Dave as the best cement finisher in the community. Thanks Dave! Now we just need to rack up the cash to get the cement which we are getting a quote for today.
The Lakota Meat House is to bring fresh healthy meats to the Elders, handicap, and folks in need on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. The location is 6 miles west of Pine Ridge. This Meat processing facility when finished will help the local cattle ranchers, hunters and Parks and Recreations Buffalo and Elk Division. The facility is a smaller processing station designed to handle a good volume of Buffalo / Beef per day.
Update 2015 the South Dakota Animal Industry Broad has already inspected the facilities commercial drains and they gave us the Thumbs up, meaning we are in compliance and ready to pour cement floor.
We need help trying to create our own jobs, at the same time we are trying to help One Spirit feed our people. Please stay positive people together we can make a difference, together we can help our own.

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McCain did not hold any meeting after the Code Talker Event as these protesters were sitting on the floor:) So McCain’s press group lied! Yep, that was when McCain decided to get out of there ……. Oops!

This just keeps getting better.



 via Lastrealindians

“We were there to let our voice and presence be known that our water will never be given away and our rights, gifted to us by Diné Diyiin and Nihima Nahasdzaan, will not be taken away.” – Indigenize

Window Rock, Arizona– Friday August 14th, 2015 a group of inter-generational Diné Citizens concerned about the intention of John McCain’s visit to the Navajo Nation staged a peaceful protest. Utilizing the power of song and prayer.

Citizens Demand Transparency and Protection of Diné Water Security

Window Rock, Arizona- Friday August 14th, 2015 a group of inter-generational Diné Citizens concerned about the intention of John McCain’s visit to the Navajo Nation…




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Environmental Working Group's photo.

Use this county-by-county map to see if you and your family are at risk.


Orientation Held for First-year American Indian Students

Published August 20, 2015    PEMBROKE, N.C. – Their t-shirts on this day read: “The University of North Carolina at Pembroke – Native Strong Since 1887.” First-year American Indian students at UNC …




Very excited to announce a wonderful collaboration we have coming up!!

On the final stop of our West Coast Tour (more dates, flyers TBA) at the Jim Pepper Jazz

Festival – we’ll be collaborating with Bay Blues Society Hall of Fame Jazz Artist of the Year Avotcja (pronounced Avacha).

A riveting performer, she regularly collaborates a dazzling array of improvisers, including violinist Sandy Poindexter, tenor saxophonist Francis Wong, bassist Eugene Warren, percussionist Hector Lugo, and pianist Jon Jang. As a word-artist she delivers rhythmically charged verse while contributing grooves and textures on hand percussion.

We can’t wait to see what we all do together at our performance in Portland!

Check her out:

Cori GunnellsGeoengineering Toxins- The Air We Breathe!
28 mins ·

Here we go… this is beyond “negligence.” Ecocide is a better accusation.
It is true that nature did benefit from fires in the past, and “urban sprawl” has encroached on the wilderness areas (requiring fire suppression), but…. this group is missing a huge component/factor that has greatly accelerated this problem – climate engineering – creates drought, dumps toxins which kill trees (fuel), acts as desiccants and fire accelerants, and has decimated the ozone layer.

Federal Negligence Leads to Catastrophic Wildfires Across the West

WASHINGTON (August 17, 2015) – As massive wildfires blaze across the West this week, the need to address the increasing wildfire threat is even more apparent….





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14 hrs ·

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Window Rock, AZ — On August 14, 2015 dozens of Diné (Navajo) took action to resist U.S. Senator John McCain’s attempts to steal precious water and desecrate sacred lands. McCain had private meetings scheduled at the Navajo Nation capitol with Diné and state politicians which included discussion of the controversial Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River water rights settlement.

Nearly a dozen Diné youth took action by chanting and linking arms in a roving sit-in at the Nation Nation museum where the meeting was to be held. The group was supported by dozens of other Diné community advocates who held signs such as, “John McCain = Indian Killer” and “Save Oak Flat.”

“Walking through our homeland has given us a deeper understanding of protecting the sacred, defending our homeland.” stated Nihígaal bee Iiná participants who were a significant part of the action on Friday, “Even if that means disrupting secret meetings with crooked politicians. We will no longer sit back, we will protect our water, land and livelihood for children, our grandchildren and honor our ancestors by any means necessary! WATER IS LIFE!”

At one point state and Tribal police blocked demonstrators from leaving the museum building. An elder intervened opening the door allowing the group to pursue after McCain’s convoy yelling, “Get off our land!” Police blocked access to the airport where McCain quickly departed. Despite heavy law enforcement presence, no arrests were made.

McCain has long established himself as an enemy of Indigenous lifeways. From furthering forced relocation on Black Mesa for coal mining (S.1003), political support for ski area desecration of the Holy San Francisco Peaks, to his most recent attack against San Carlos Apache Holy lands at Oak Flat for copper mining, McCain has long placed corporate interests over Diné and other Indigenous Nation’s survival.

In the face of ecological and climate crises, McCain and a handful of Navajo political collaborators continue to further extreme pollution from fracking, coal mining, and Coal-Fired power plants operating on the Navajo Nation. These actions appears to contradict other ecologically responsible measures such as the Diné Natural Resources Protection Act of 2005, which banned uranium mining and processing on Navajo lands, the 5 Year plan to clean up abandoned uranium mines, and the recently declared a state of emergency due to the Gold King mine disaster which threatens sacred and vital water ways such as the San Juan and Colorado.

This statement was issued on the day of the action by Collective voice of those united in solidarity, “NO MORE ALLOWING state or federal politicians and the corporations they represent entrance into our homelands. Those who are responsible for our people being poisoned, starved, kept in poverty and removed from our sacred territories, are not welcomed here!! We will take back our power and restore our homelands, take care of our water, protect our people and our sacred sites, and mentor a new generation of youth that will change this paradigm of exploitation and greed!”


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