Oops Wrong Country!!!!!! Sorry About That Folks! :(



Essentially there always has been some politics and war behind the message. Where did the “love” part behind Christian message go?

Comments: Jage

As much as the Catholic Church has played around with their Bible sticking in their god Amon/ Amen every where so people would show this pagan god respect:( Then they place his private parts in the center of their City Squares. They mix up the Geography of ,was that in Egypt?  In periods of foreign occupation, the Sinai was, like the rest of Egypt, … Peninsulas of Asia; Peninsulas of Egypt; Geography of Western Asia. On where an order was said to take place and they move it’s meaning to every place they visited and lust after. frown emoticon ‘ See the Devil made me do it ! It is here in your Bible, see right here in print!’


 This is a good example of a ‘Oops wrong Country!’


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