It Is So Sad:( Folks You Thought They Work For You? Those Who You Voted For?

Smoke Screens and Mirrors! It is a con – game:( The ones who are creating the problems in polluting the Earth are not the ones to ask to fix the problems:(  They just laugh at you:(


The NWO Bankers / Bilderberg pick who you will be voting for at each election. It is just a bone to chew on while they plot their money making schemes behind the scenes / behind the curtain.


I get this e-mail in my spam : Quote:

“Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

This year’s UN climate talks are being sponsored by big corporations, giving polluters like Shell the power to lobby against urgent climate action.

Tell the UN to ban big polluters from this year’s talks!

In just a few short months, world leaders, scientists, civil society groups and UN representatives are meeting in Paris to strike a deal that should reduce carbon emissions and set us on track to invest in a sustainable future — yet 20% of this year’s talks will be sponsored by corporations.

We don’t know who these corporations are, but if it’s anything like the past few years, big polluters like Shell and Chevron could be allowed to influence the UN climate negotiations”


Okay ! This is not silly talk . A false bastard king took over England 500 years ago. The players behind the curtain took advantage of that Oops! Even his mother admitted this child was not her husbands child!




So there were some big land grabs at that time, 500 years ago taking place from across the pond.




















































































The picked crew for everyone to vote for? Or that bone to chew on to keep everyone busy playing the politics game, as the Bankers do play? What does that look like?













































































One banker was pushed by their own:( They keep each other in line! If they are no longer useful? It is bye – bye:( Not a very loving bunch.




Bankers Control all of the usa Media

They get really upset if you use other News from around the World!










queen Elizabeth II in the robes of Sovereign Head of the Order in Great Britain


Knights of Malta – The Jesuit Vatican New World Order















Change of Command Over At The Old Hitler’s Dream Of a NWO ?



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