The Old Ways Spiritually Are Best? The Safest Path To Follow? Be Careful Do Not Be Tricked!


Is it safe to work out in this World of bad apples? What jobs are unsafe once corruption has flooded the work place ?



Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

evilcharThe spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? more »



Buffalohair: Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway







Killing In The Name Of G*D, And Other Stupid Earth Guy Tricks

Someone pleased show me in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any other dogma, well other than Kali, where its OK to kill for the sake of religion. I doubt you will find such a stupid idea since it does not exist from what I’ve read. That’s a man based ideology to kill in the name of G*D or faith, plain and simple. But here on Planet Stupid this axiom has prevailed throughout history with devastating results. Good thing this axiom of moronic principle will soon be over.

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Police in a different light? Are there any good police left?


Newark Delaware Police Department

What happens when two NPD officers walk down Main Street with signs that say “Free Hugs”? ‪#‎HugACop‬

Filmed and edited by: Tia Hill
NPD Officers: Cpl. James Spadola and Ofc. Aaron Olicker









An Epitaph to a Once Proud Nation?

‘We The People’ have been replaced with ‘We the corporate shills of the Bilderberg Cartel’. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned America about the impending threat of the military/industrial complex but nobody listened. Now both the Democratic and Republican Parties no longer represent the voice of Americans but the vested interests of a hand full of global oligarchists. Democracy has officially died and nobody cares.

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Global Elitists Kissing Ass with Alien Entities

In the grand scheme if things elitists believe they are privy to the secrets of the universe and know the true G*D. I call him ‘Mork’ but elitists know who I am talking about. That is why they are atheists, live above morality and have little concern for so-called commoners. Does not matter which exclusive elitists secret society they belong to, it all boils down to the fact they truly believe this entity is G*D and they believed this for many centuries. The reality is, their entity is a bogus butt crack and that is the bottom line. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve already walked with this goon of a G*D so I know the score.

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Are Extraterrestrials Edible?

So it’s February 6th 2013 and I just dug my way out of a makeshift dwelling I built after my home and community was destroyed in December. Water is not an issue because it snowed, big time. Good thing my pair of Louis Vittons survived the cataclysms because everywhere the eye can see is in white-out conditions. To top it all off, I’m on my last Tanka Bar, haven’t seen a Snickers in weeks and I’m out of Pepsi so it’s time to forage for victuals. Besides, I had to go outside to pee.

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Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind

From what I’ve discovered over the years spirits of many designs actually need the living to pull off their capers. Star guys are only spirits with spiffy stuff to zip around the universe with and a bazillion toys that can do just about anything I suppose. Other spirits float through walls and perform parlor tricks to intimidate and ultimately control people. But if these dudes were so bad then why do they need earth guys in the first place? Clearly, beings that claim to be ‘all that’ surely are not G*D’s. They express ego and talk smack about how cool they are but on the contrary they are codependent and need us more then they let on. Screw’em!

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Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind / 2012






Having Visions & Surviving Them

By now many people who’ve been plagued with ‘fitful dreams or visions’ are well aware these premonitions are coming to pass. In speaking with readers from a multitude of countries it is clear no single culture can claim exclusivity with regard to spirituality & visions. For people who’ve come to terms with life’s paranormal realities, it is not a matter of ‘If’ visions are real but how to survive them as prophetic events strike at the core of their lives and sensibilities, myself included.

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Bad Tricks being played on people?   😦



GMO or No GMO Chased with a Cesium Spritzer – Life in the Contamination Nation

me-and-murray 1So now everyone has their diapers in a bunch over GMO glow in the dark foods and the funny lumps they leave. But what about the biggest problem I have with GMO creatures, its flavor? Surely Dr. Johnny Protractor could have tossed in a few zesty & flavorful genetic mutations into that giant, but bitter, peach they engineered. GMO fruits and veggies just taste lousy. Like my 86 year old mother says, “It almost tastes like real food”, but like they say, ‘almost only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’. Then there is our alternative, Organic/Natural, but at $3.10 an orange you better be prepared to eat the skins, seeds and the organic grocery bag it came in. more »











Former CIA clandestine case officer says in US terrorist attacks have all been false flags…Another insider coming clean!

US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was a False Flag Attack” – Zen Gardner

“In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. “|By Julius Sequerra












Hurry Up Ma Earth, Flush This Toilet!

With governments around the world owned by elitist corporations it is plain to see mankind is completely out of control and headed towards the path of self destruction. What really tops it all off is that these elitist pinheads pray to some dork who claims to be the real G*D. Secret societies & lodges call him ‘Mork’ (not the real name). Others call him the ‘Anti-Christ’ but I call him the dim bulb of deception for I know this lucifreak and his beelzebutthead chums because I was once in his clutches. Been there, done that. I know his tactics & history and so do a multitude of traditional and indigenous people from around the world and the universe. This includes the ‘The Top 6 Religions of the World, well before Mork and his bedazzled earthly scribes altered sacred texts and dogmatic histories for fun and profit. more »








Things to Do While Waiting for the ‘End of the World’

Sometimes it gets to be a real drag donning a bio suite at the sight of every chem-trail. There has to be more to life other than waiting perilously for humanity to be destroyed. Yeah we are about to head into the next Ice Age and technology is about to take a dump. Politics, forget about it, we are all screwed. But there is no reason to freak out now, so we might as well make the most of it.

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As Prophecy Comes To Pass, Plastic People Party

frank zappa

‘Ambivalence and Ignorance’ is bliss and nothing proves this more than watching people pray and cheer at the all mighty stock market. Ironically, as they watch with joy while markets climb to new heights they are still loosing their jobs and homes. If you did not notice, the ever achieving stock markets has only benefited an absolute minority of the population while tossing crumbs to the desperate masses by comparison. ‘The Nick of Time’ will never come to those who need it the most no matter how high the market travels. The bitter irony is that profiteering from foreclosures was partially responsible for the market uptick. In essence people are celebrating profits made from their own demise in many cases and not only in real estate. Life on Planet Pavlov…

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Buffalohair: As Prophecy Comes To Pass / Plastic People Party





Earth Changes & Other Stuff You Might Already Know That Sucks

Fannie-FEMA-zazContrary to popular belief, Prophecies and the ‘Time of change’ are moving along as cautioned by the ancients and mankind has predictably chosen to ignore all the warnings. Ironically, as globalists and their paranormal butt crack pals try to alter the course of destiny, they are actually speeding things along and following prophecy like a script, quite nicely I might add. We’ve already begun the final decent into darkness and the fun has only just begun so you had better have your spiritual flashlight handy boys & girls. more »




















Numinous Encounters 101

It does not matter from which culture, dogma or ideological principle one resides in the grand scheme of things. The world of the paranormal is a universal place filled with many different kinds of beings. From your garden variety spirits to star people, these entities are very real and the numbers of people encountering them are on the rise exponentially and getting harder to ignore. Though many folks would rather pretend life is only ‘here and now’ the reality is life exists on many plains of existence. And it’s only a matter of time before you come into contact with on the inhabitance or maybe you already have.

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End of Times for Some, Renaissance for Others

molech_01Though we are living in the Contemporary Dark Ages it is heartening to note that the human spirit is persevering in spite of the ever darkening shadow of global greed and colonization. In fact the proverbial Dark Ages has become a rallying point where all cultures of the world can stand in solidarity in the face of global corporate tyranny. Inadvertently elitist stooges have drawn a line in the sand separating themselves from the rest of the global population for it is clearly us against them.

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Earth Change Round-up

From all corners of the planet change is upon us. Prophecies are coming to pass on such a grand scale it is no longer a question of IF change will come but where these changes will fester next. From the physical plane to the spiritual one, all of humanity is under siege and like a prophetic ancient writing cautioned; “Those days will come like a thief in the night”. Hmm, do you hear someone rummaging through your underwear drawer?

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Time of Change, Technology and Other Stuff

Contrary to popular belief Technology as we know it will eventually be sporadic if not totally out of service as we enter the new cycle. Empires built on foundations of sand will topple as mankind scrambles to rediscover older technologies just to sustain the basics of infrastructure. In the meantime pandemonium will replace civil society as fortunes are lost and there is nothing in the universe that will alter this destiny. I don’t think it will be forever but it will be long enough to completely alter mankind’s fetid journey. In essence we will reap what we have sown and it’s not going to be pretty.

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Earth Change-O-Rama

Needless to say prophecy is moving right along as scheduled while man marches forward in quest of material wealth and world domination, at the expense of others. Does not matter which dogma one pursues, the signs are everywhere. Also dictated within ancient sacred texts is the fact many people will choose to ignore the obvious and follow the Pied Pipers of Deception to their inevitable doom. My question to them is; “Did you bump your head?”

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Warning to Global Oligarchists and Their False G*D

Devil2When the wave of conscience flows throughout the universe the people will know the truth of what you are, what you’ve done and the crimes you’ve committed against humanity to achieve your goals. They will also know with whom you have been privy to over the centuries. You will be exposed for the vermin you truly are and the depths you’ve gone to secure your empire throughout history for this is your destiny. more »








Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper

What do natives say about the time of change at a social? Umm, well actually we don’t say much since we already know the story and how it will end. We do share encounters & visions and laugh at the stupidity of intelligent people who completely ignore all the ‘in your face’ signs though. But we are saddened by fellow natives who threw away their traditions to walk the dark road with other mislead people for ego and material wealth. What are they thinking? You must admit it is quite laughable for Christians, Jews and other dogmatic people to completely ignore prophecies from their very own sacred books, scrolls and etchings forged in stone. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you know it’s going to crash but are powerless to stop it. more »















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