Mother Earth Speaking Worst Earthquake In 80 Years ! Not Just About Fracking Damage This Time?


  Who Is Ruling There Using Under Ground Bunkers / Cities? I would think the earth swaying back and forth and crumbling the rock, that bunkers would not be safe?


Underground Cities | Cappadocia Turkey

Certainly the most interesting features of the Cappadocia area are the underground cities founded within. Until now even that have been determined about 40 underground cities just six of these have been opened for visit.



Underground Ancient City Found Below House in Anatolia Turkey



“A massive underground city that dates back 5,000 years has been discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province.

The city, unearthed by archaeologists, is believed to be the world’s biggest underground city ever to be found.

According to Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News, the researchers unearthed tunnels and passages during work on an urban transformation project.

Around 1,500 buildings in the area were destroyed to make way for new homes. While moving earth to begin construction, the giant city was discovered.”




Earth Quakes in that region?

6.0 Earthquake Turkey – Olu Deniz/Fethiye 10 June 2012





Carlos TheZilla published an article on WordPress.




EARTHQUAKES – Fact Monster

WHAT CAUSES EARTHQUAKES? WHAT HAPPENS DURING AN EARTHQUAKE? … Major earthquakes can shatter whole cities, … Most earthquakes begin deep underground at a point called the focus. As the rocks shatter at the focus, …




Ascension Earth : Secret Illuminati Underground Cities

The recent rumblings in Virginia and Colorado on August 23 rd, 2011, that millions of Americans were told were naturally occurring earthquakes were, in reality, not earthquakes, but explosions detonated by the Galactic Federation and their Earth allies that completely destroyed two underground

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