RE: Be a part of the Conversation. Be a part of the Solution.


I have no way to afford the subscription. I don’t have money to pay it and don’t have credit card. If I was in your shoes I’d …


, I think you might be confused here. There is no charge for watching this, or our movie, or our web site. This is not a part of our ThriveTogether …


“Be a part of the Conversation. Be a part of the Solution.”


Upcoming Thriver Subscriber Live Event

Liberty: Where Ethics Transcend Politics — A Primer Think Tank

Saturday, May 9, 2015
at 12:00pm PDT

Is there a way to be personally free and socially accountable? What principles would guide social organizing? How would it work? Is there any evidence that it does work? How can we transition from where we are now to something so radically different? Join Foster and Kimberly as they begin to unpack the deeper thinking behind solution strategies that are finally commensurate with the challenges we face.

Thriver Subscriber

Upcoming Guardian Angel Live Event

Open Discussion with Guardian Angels

Saturday, April 25, 2015
at 12:00pm PDT

The perspective afforded to us through our research and our global network reveal patterns that provide coherence to seemingly disparate current events and trends. In addition to your questions, we will describe the stories and the projects that we are most excited about, and unpack the principles and strategies behind their success.




Beyond Left and Right — Where Do We Get Our News?


Vandana Shiva — Biodiversity or GMOs?


Tips and Tools for Digital Security


A Vision of True Accountability



KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 2.0 — Personal Accountability At Last?












Big Brother Out of Control – A pure truth symposium




The World is waking up to the global Federal Reserve heist.

Establishment is Afraid of End The Fed Movement in Germany

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Ken Jebsen a former main stream media journalist in Germany and Lars Maehrholz a skydiver that became the main organize…





The NWO Shadow government




Yes, each of these players, Doctors, nurses,  lawyer,  police, judge,Banker, queen, popes, Actors in the politics / false flags, military, etc. that are in this pretend game, must be responsible for their actions and responsibility  played in this Plan ! A Mass  Liability Action Lawsuit must take place against each of these individuals.




Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings”

The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry part 7 – A

NWO Under Ground safety for their families only:(


Underground US Government Bases Exposed


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