Earth Day: 8 epic videos of our planet







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Earth Day is Everyday: Inspirational Short Movie With Powerful Message

It has become very apparent that we must act now to implement plans to make Earth Day an “Every Day” event.|By White Wolf

Earth Day: 8 epic videos of our planet

In honor of Earth Day’s namesake orb, here’s a time-lapse tour of Earth itself.








Ecuador & Bolivia Grant Mother Earth Strong Constitutional & Legal Rights

The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s historic bill

** Please note that this bill was passed on the 22nd April 2011 which was Earth Day**

Ecuador Adopts “Rights of Nature” in Their Constitution

“Ecuador is the first country to recognize Rights of Nature in its Constitution.  A great first step for humanity towards a change of paradigm! Ecuador is home to the Galapagos Islands, Andean Mountains and Amazon rainforest as it is a geologically, ecologically and ethnically diverse country.

Ecuador rewrote its Constitution in 2007-2008 and it was ratified by referendum by the people of Ecuador in September 2008.




What is “Right’s of Nature”?

Rights of Nature is the recognition and honouring that Nature has rights.  It is the recognition that trees, oceans, animals, mountains have rights just as human beings have rights. Rights of Nature is about balancing what is good for human beings against what is good for other species, what is good for the planet as a world.  It is the holistic recognition that all life, all ecosystems on our planet are deeply intertwined. “ Source

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