Red River Women Canada’s murdered and missing :(

Here in the usa could this also be behind the hate attacks? The men’s mentality reasoning to act as they do?

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Words of Wisdom

Jacobi Anne Martin

April 26 at 10:37am · Flowood, MS ·

I tell you.. One of the hardest things about living in Mississippi.. Is the fact that Racism is far from dying.. The Ignorant Racist strikes again! As I was sitting there minding my own business.. This man would not stop staring at me. Finally I asked him “Can I help you??” He then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t belong in this country. That it’s because of people like me that our country is being ruined. At first I didn’t realize what he was trying to say.. But then he said Mexicans are ruining our economy. I said “Dude, I’m not even Mexican or Hispanic at all..” Then he said “well then you Muslims are terrorists and we don’t feel safe with you all around y’all need to go back to Afghanistan..” I just laughed in his face which seemed to make him more angry.. Then I said “you must be a Trump supporter..” And he said “Hell yes I am!” And then I politely said “sir, just because you are “Caucasian” does not make you any better than me or anyone else..” And then I told him not to judge anyone by the color of their skin or appearance.. Because I’m A Proud Native American Dammit. And you sir are the only type of immigrant that is ruining our country! ‪#‎EffTrump‬ ‪#‎EndRacism‬ ‪#‎NativesRock‬ ‪#‎ProudChahtaOhoyo‬

Red River Women

Canada’s murdered and missing – why have so many Aboriginal women and girls been killed?


Antonio Sanchez added 19 new photos — with Mary Ryan and 2 others.

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A river of red flowed on the 16th Street Mall last evening. In honor and in memory of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. It was an emotional gathering speaking of the pain our women have suffered at the hands of invaders in our lands. Still going on with hundreds of women being killed and disappeared around the “man camps” associated with pipelines and other aspects of the oil industry.

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Antonio Sanchez via Missing First Nations: News and Alerts

Five people from the community of less than 350 near Burns Lake in central B.C. have disappeared along the route, including an entire family of four, says Chief…

Antonio Sanchez and APTN National News shared a link.

Eight Quebec police officers suspended in wake of alleged sexual assaults on Aboriginal women -…

The Canadian Press Quebec’s public security minister says eight provincial police officers who allegedly sexually assaulted Indigenous women have been…

Red Deer Advocate – Art installation commemorating missing women opens at Red Deer Museum and…

The lives of these missing and murdered women in Canada are memorialized in Walking With Our Sisters, a commemorative art installation.


As noted on their website, “Walking With Our Sisters is by all accounts a massive commemorative art installation comprised of 1,763+ pairs of moccasin vamps (tops) plus 108 pairs of children’s vamps created and donated by hundreds of caring and concerned individuals to draw attention to [the injustice of missing and murdered Indigenous women and residential schools]. …The work exists as a floor installation made up of beaded vamps arranged in a winding path formation on fabric and includes cedar boughs. Viewers remove their shoes to walk on a path of cloth alongside the vamps.”

“Each pair of vamps (or ‘uppers’ as they are also called) represents one missing or murdered Indigenous woman. The unfinished moccasins represent the unfinished lives of the women whose lives were cut short. The children’s vamps are dedicated to children who never returned home from residential schools. Together the installation represents all these women; paying respect to their lives and existence on this earth. They are not forgotten. They are sisters, mothers, aunties, daughters, cousins, grandmothers, wives and partners. They have been cared for, they have been loved, they are missing and they are not forgotten.”


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#377 Yes, those with Indigenous hearts know that when one strips away the testosterone and bravado of militarism, that fuels the patrimony, what is left is the real spirit of the people – the Founding Mothers. Indigenous cultures are generally founded on a matriarchal reverence, and equity between the genders. To the degree that this has been lost, we have genuinely begun to acculturate. But it was done in the name of self defense against a brutal and savage patriarchy that would have exterminated us all to complete genocide. It is, however, not too late to return to the balance, and once again revere our Founding Mothers. While per force they have generally remained nameless, they are reflected in the faces of all our mothers, sisters & daughters. Gochine.

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 May 2015


Ex-RCMP officer probes Highway of Tears leads on own time

For the past decade, Vancouver private investigator Ray Michalko has doggedly pursued murder investigations on the infamous Highway of Tears on his own time….

Indian Country Today Media Network

Human Trafficking in Native Communities: The Tragedy


Human Trafficking in Native Communities: The Tragedy

Carlos TheZilla shared a link.

Saskatchewan walkers travel 400 km to rise up against women’s abuse

A small, but determined group of people is walking more than 400 kilometres through Saskatchewan to call on people to rise up against violence and abuse.


Jage.I have been reading so much about this Ninth Circle Satanic Popes Trafficking Murders of young women and children  supplied by Italy Mofia Ring in Canada:( So many of the culprits are Power and Control Freaks with a Strong Sexual Appetite! Then you add a Weird god they worship to the mix that they offer up humans blood and bodies to? You have most of the New World Order members!

“The Prosecution has also received an affidavit from Rev. Kevin Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary, that connects his own victimization by church and state in Canada with his discovery of the activity of NINTH CIRCLE members at Indian residential schools across Canada, and with the continued murder of indigenous women and children by this Circle on the west coast of Canada. Rev. Annett will appear in Court next week, sometime after April 14, to be examined by the Prosecution and present further evidence.”


First Nations Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade On Ships Along Lake Superior | VICE | Canada

Native women, children, and unfortunately even babies are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the Canadian and U.S. border on Lake Superior…

Look at all the ones running around proudly displaying the horn hand sign! I know I drive it home hard, to get past the peoples shock over such news. While these people laugh over all the control they have over the News Media. Banks of Gold?…..  buys people with the back up fake paper money.





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