Big Short or Long Range Building Plans at Pine Ridge?

Remember to tell your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren this EVERY SINGLE DAY! ” I LOVE YOU!”



FeatherSpeak via Wikoskalaka Yuwita Pi – Lakota Gathering of Young Women

Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge Reservation

Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge Reservation – Short Version A Film by Jacek Kropiński


Watch the 7th Generation Rise on ‘Rebel Music: Native America’

‘I have a responsibly. If we don’t pick up that fight, who will?’ says rapper/activist Frank Waln.



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Photo: Oglala Sioux riders

In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

After 150 years of broken promises, the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are nurturing their tribal customs, language, and beliefs. A rare, intimate portrait shows their resilience in the face of hardship.



Oglala Lakota Women and Buffalo


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 Deer Parks


Here’s a mythbuster… A different and alien [to the eastern hemisphere] tradition of animal husbandry: what early European settlers were unable to realize.

“Rather than domesticate animals for meat, Indians retooled ecosystems to encourage elk, deer, and bear. Constant burning of undergrowth increased the numbers of herbivores, the predators that fed upon them, and the people who ate them both. Rather than the thick, unbroken monumental snarl of trees imagined by Thoreau, the great eastern forest was an ecological kaleidoscope of garden plots, blackberry rambles, pine barrens, and spacious groves of chestnut, hickory, and oak… Incredible to imagine today, bison occurred from New York to Georgia. A creature of the prairie, Bison bison was imported to the East by Native Americans along a path of indigenous fire, as they changed enough forest into fallows for it to survive far outside its original range. When the Haudenosaunee hunted these animals, the historian William Cronon observed, they

‘were harvesting a foodstuff which they had consciously been instrumental in creating. Few English observers could have realized this. People accustomed to keeping domesticated animals lacked the conceptual tools to recognize that the Indians were practicing a more distant kind of husbandry of their own.’

… Carrying their flints and torches, Native Americans were living in balance with Nature—but they had their thumbs on the scale. Shaped for their comfort and convenience, the American landscape had come to fit their lives like comfortable clothing. It was a highly successful and stable system, if “stable” is the appropriate word for a regime that involves routinely enshrouding miles of countryside in smoke and ash…” – Charles Mann, “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”

Their original range stretched from California to the Atlantic and from northern Mexico to Canada. Just imagine 60 million head of bison (an actual estimate for around 1500, btw) grazing around North America, on artificial prairies created by Native Americans through controlled burnings—basically a patchwork of huge hunting parks. It makes the ranches of the west look like child’s play. Steak, anyone?

  • I always had this dream for Pine Ridge but not the money to do it:( To build a huge beautiful Mall Center for the Children there. As an Entrance park area into their town! With a healing prayer Totem for all the children, like they made The Children’s Sculpture that is on display at the world headquarters plaza of Levi Strauss in San Francisco.

     Bluebird Woman Elayna Reyna of the San Juan Bautista American Indian Council puts her own healing energy into the Children’s Sculpture.


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I Support The Lakota 57 feeling thankful

A BIG Congrats! To -Alexis Grace Bettelyoun, 8th grade 2015 American Horse School graduate! YAY!!!

“We are worth it, so stop hatin!”-Alexis Grace Bettelyoun, with 2014 American Horse School graduate Stevie Kimmi Audiss!









Remember to tell your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren this EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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