Re Knowledge Is POWER —– Personal Accountability At Last!

Stories will be shared!





A Force More Powerful – Trailer













“…already over a dozen high level corporate officials have resigned when confronted with taking personal responsibility for their actions.”



Our expert guest on ThriveTogether later today will be going over some of the stories. Hope you can join us or catch it in the archive,





“Indeed, in order to accomplish the maximum consolidation of wealth and power into the hands of the global banking elite, three things apparently happened. First was the incorporation of America. Second was the bankrupting of the corporation, and third was putting all the citizens on the hook for the un-repayable debts of that corrupt corporation. As far-fetched as this may sound, we invite you to stick with us in unpacking it because the evidence that this has happened, though not complete, is compelling. And the power we have when we disengage is profound. This clever covert takeover is built on our unknowing compliance. And, as Gandhi emphasized, non-violent non-participation is our golden key to freedom.”











“When we know the truth and are willing and able to stand to it, especially when we have the means of publicizing their actions, they tend to back off, drop our cases, or flat-out resign their positions. They would usually prefer to disappear, repent or even join the ranks of justice-seeking whistle blowers rather than risk the personal and professional liability that lands on them when we know their claim to authority is a charade. The would-be Emperor truly has no clothes.

We each actually reside in a realm of true nature — beyond governments and jurisdictions and arbitrary laws and victimless crimes. We are each a source of life on an unboundaired planet. We are real flesh and blood beings and in that reality we are truly free from such absurdities as Corporate Rights and Person-hood, State Preemption, Eminent Domain, Emergency powers, the Divine Right to Rule, Manifest Destiny, the Social Contract, Majority Rule, Executive Orders and all the countless, deceptive ruses of domination that have been concocted throughout human history to control us and harvest our labor for the good of a sociopathic elite addicted to controlling the rest of us rather than facing their own fears and earning their own self-liberation through the path of truth.

The truth of our intrinsic freedom is emerging — just in time given our looming police state economic insanity and out-of-control weapons of mass destruction. The toothpaste is out of the tube about our essential nature and it is being grounded in consciousness, courts and commerce worldwide. The elite know their fortress of lies is crumbling, as do hundreds of bank and corporate executives as well as judges, politicians, government workers, soldiers, cops and disillusioned alphabet soup intelligence agents who are saying no and running for protection and, hopefully, for ethical lines of work.”





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