#‎Apache Land Not For SALE‬ ‪#‎Save Oak Flat‬

I am fervently asking for financial support for our film… I say OUR film because it is something that we are all concerned about…. Protecting Oak Flat…. If everyone could even contribute at least $10.00 to this kickstarter program that keeps us filming. We believe that this film will make a huge difference in winning this battle. Figure 8 Light and Sound is a grassroots company. Very creative, artistic, professional and passionate. We are all on the same page in this fight for Oak Flat… Please do what you can… We have come this far, but need financial help to complete our mission… Please go to the link below and share the love and support… Go to the link and


I am so grateful to all Apache relatives and new family that took care of me, Mni and my friend Avis Archambault. We prayed and danced on holy ground where our ancestors live, prayed, you can feel them there, very powerful, very very sacred. The songs of the medicine, the holy people, I am so proud to be APACHE from both sides of my parents. aheyo.

‪#‎ApacheLandNotForSALE‬ More photos, others have photos too, most likely all this week, photos will be posted as far as updates on whats happening with Oak Flat and what we can all do. As I receive the information, I’ll post it. ‪#‎SaveOakFlat‬


2 thoughts on “#‎Apache Land Not For SALE‬ ‪#‎Save Oak Flat‬

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