The Crimes Against Humanity is the Key! Under Common Law Jurisdiction:

Now they are trying to distract you with small fish in their sea….. away from the New World Order demand to Kill the population and all other life on the Planet . Yes, hiding The Leaders Names of who are into the child murders for the love of drinking blood  of children, for keeping alive their inbred leaders and for their ritual cults. The Crimes Against Humanity is the key in pulling this hand full of money power Elite down. To STOP Monsanto, Chem-trails, Fracking, Pipe Lines, Fluoride, Vaccines, as the men behind Big Business / Bankers  are the Top Guys and Gals into these Cults Big Time as it is a serious part of their Satan worship.

The evidence that has been published from both common law court cases that convicted the pope and queen for crimes against humanity:
Issued 4 January, 2015 GMT

Posted on January 7, 2015 Canada is now under Common Law Jurisdiction: I wonder if that could apply to Washington DC being it is under the Crown and a corporate entity also, as was Canada. Guilty for Crimes Against Humanity! I believe so!!!!!!!!!!!


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