reporter Webre Is The Foe!

Wow! The Elite want to stop this one from getting out to the Public! They seem to think raping and murdering children is a personal matter? No, it is a World NO,NO!

Reporter Webrer is a Foe! He took video down! Wow! talk about sneaky! Oh I have seen him question in doubt before and wondered, but this News Cast was a mother load of the down fall of the Elite! LOL So glad I watched it about three times!


Common law Sheriffs will arrest pedo Pope during Sept. 2015 USA visit

Kevin Annett: ITCCS Common law Sheriffs, Oathkeepers will arrest convicted child trafficking Pope Bergoglio during Sept. 2015 USA visit

By Alfred Lambremont Webre ??????
VANCOUVER, BC – Kevin Annett, North American field secretary for the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, stated in a interview that ITCCS Common law Sheriffs as well as Oathkeepers will arrest Pope Jorge Bergoglio if he attempts to come to Philadelphia to address the Eighth World Meeting of Families during Sept 22-27, 2015.

Judgment of the International Common Law Court of Justice

In the Matter of The People v. Bergoglio et al (Case Docket No. 18072014-002) issued on July 18, 2014, the court found that Pope Jorge Bergoglio was convicted and are guilty as charged of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. Their guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.

Accordingly, it is the unanimous judgment of the Court that:

1. The Defendant Jorge BERGOGLIO [is] guilty as charged on two counts: of organizing, aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personally participating in the routine and ritual rape, torture and murder of children.

2. The Defendant [is] sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or pardon, and to the forfeiture of their assets, property and authority.

3. The sworn Sheriffs of the Court and their affiliated Direct Action Units, established by the Court on June 1, 2014, are ordered to immediately arrest and imprison the Defendants at facilities provided by the Court, and to seize their property and assets. The public is asked to assist the Sheriffs in this task. An open ended International Citizens’ Arrest Warrant will be issued by the Court against the convicted persons within 48 hours of this judgment.

Common Law Sheriffs and Oathkeepers

Kevin Annett indicated that ITCCS Common law Sheriffs will be training to arrest Pope Bergoglio pursuant to the lawful orders of the ITCCS.

Kevin Annett stated that the Common law Sheriffs have reached out to the Oathkeepers to assist in enforcement of the Arrest Order on Pope Bergoglio. Oath Keepers “is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.”

In the recent August 16, 2014 ITCCS disruption of a planned ritual sacrifice of children in Montreal by parties including a Bishop Montreal, and high-ranking employees of the Cargill and Sinclair Oil corporations, as well as McGill University, ITCCS coordinated with officers within the police force who are committed to taking down the child trafficking and child sacrifice networks. Kevin Annett indicated that ITCCS will coordinate with similar law-abiding police officers to help coordinate enforcement of the Arrest Order against Pope Jorge Bergoglio.

ITCCS exposing of Judges in 12 Mile child sacrifice club led to Court dismissal of Kinder Morgan protest charges

During this interview, Kevin Annett revealed that the unprecedented BC Court dismissal of all charges against Kinder Morgan pipeline protesters was the result of the ITCCS exposing in ExopoliticsTV interviews of the actions of BC Supreme Court and other Judges taking part in child sacrifices in the 12 Mile Club, aboard yachts outside the 12 mile territorial limits off Vancouver BC. On Nov. 28, 2014, the West Coast Common Law Court of Justice a Public Order of Revocation, nullifying the legal authority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Moreover, ITCCS had reported the participation of the Canadian Harper Government Cabinet Head of Privy Council Denis Lebel as well as Cardinal LaCroix of Montreal to have participated in the ritual sacrifice of a young boy on February 22, 2014 in a church next to Jesuit headquarters at Borgio Santi Spiritu in Rome, Pope Francis Bergoglio had elevated Cardinal LaCroix to the position of Cardinal that very day.



It is so Great to see the Elite falling down! Finally everyone is coming together, working together. It is an inter Spiritual awaking of the people around the World and a big part is in the usa believe it or not! They are starting to arrest judges who are helping in stealing peoples land / land grabbing! It has gone beyond just the crimes of children! The First Nation / Mohawks in Canada is asking the Common Law to help them take back their land also, as they seeing it is punishing the Child and women traffic wrong doers! Those bad judges also got in on the pipe line in Canada and backed off because of their raping and murdering First Nations children and they did not want that coming out in court! The women the Devil Ninth Circle Satanic Cult have murdered has come to the surface! Yes, Common Law arrests of all wrong doing on the people of the land. I am sure you could even get them to help stop the spraying of our skies! If all the Elite fall down that should end it! ? Yes, that Black Pope stepped down and that white Pope with raped murdered children’s blood on his hands has stepped down already:) To become a Pope you have to drink the child’s blood:(

Re: Jesuit Superior resigns. New Pope may resign or get arrested. Child abuse scandal widens. More witnesses coming forward. British Royal Family implicated.


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