New York March on Climate Changes/ Damages Done To Mother Earth

Tim Pool is broadcasting live video on NYC Flood wall street. Log in to join the conversation!


NYC Flood wall street

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 11:57 AM EDT on timcast





Aerial Drone Video Footage from People’s Climate March in New York City

This video footage of People’s Climate March was taken from a drone flying in New York City and…











The Delbert Anderson Trio

 Some very inspirational photos coming out of NYC with our brothers and sisters taking a stand for what’s right!

Way to get out there!!






Pipe Up Against Enbridge


 While the official count has come in over 300,000 people in New York today (!) check out the solidarity rally in downtown Toronto right now. Amazing.

Follow the action from New York and around the world at






LRI’s Renee Holt at today’s global march against climate change in NY with Winona Laduke. ‪#‎PeoplesClimateMarch‬ ‪#‎IndigenousRising‬




Updated: 400,000 people took the streets of Manhattan in the largest demonstration for climate justice in history. SHARE if you agree urgent action is needed to address climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Frontline communities most impacted by climate chaos lead the march because they refuse to be passive victims while the rich countries and fossil fuel industry threatens their existence. Organizations like UPROSE and Our Power Campaign hold giant yellow sunflowers on banners, signs, and parachutes as sunflowers are the symbol of the environmental justice movement and clean heavy metals from soil through bioremediation.

‪#‎PeoplesClimateMarch‬ ‪#‎FloodWallStreet‬ ‪#‎ClimateAction‬ ‪#‎OurPower‬ ‪#‎PeoplesClimate‬





The moment’s here. We’re about to stand with hundreds of thousands and tell Canada to march with the world toward solutions.

Join us throughout the day for stories from this incredibly diverse largest (truly, largest!) climate mobilization in history.

Follow @TarSandsSolns for live updates.





shared Amy Goodman‘s photo.


Amy Goodman interviews Sting at the People’s Climate March in New York City. Watch our special livestream:






shared Naomi Klein‘s link.

‪#‎PeoplesClimate‬ march was extraordinary, not just because it was HUGE but because it looked and felt like NYC at its best. What a moment!!




DiCaprio-at-peoples climate
Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio and musician Sting (in blue shirt, behind orange sign) with Indigenous and environmental advocates by Linda Solomon Wood.

Leonardo DiCaprio rallies with Canadian Indigenous leaders at People’s Climate March in New York

Hollywood A-lister and Leonardo DiCaprio is marching at the centre of a Canadian group of Indigenous peoples against the tar sands at the People’s Climate March in…



Leonardo DiCaprio at climate rally

Leonardo DiCaprio by Linda Solomon Wood-2-850x638
Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.52.12 AMLeonardo DiCaprio with Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam (left), Sierra Club director John Bennett (right) and Mikisew Cree First Nation Chief Steve Coutereille (far right)



Idle No More




shared Mother Jones‘s photo.


The next time you hear someone say “no one gives a shit about climate change,” show them this photo.


(Photo: Michael Polard)







Watch RFK Jr. Destroy Conservative Reporter at Climate March

Ring of Fire’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was in attendance at the People’s Climate March, showing his support for the… Read more »










Happened Today in NYC !!!!
We are unstoppable, another world is possible.
Thousands have flooded Wall Street and SHUT. IT. DOWN!


Thousands have flooded Wall Street and SHUT. IT. DOWN!

Calls for climate justice are flooding through the entire financial district!

Check out this video footage from a double decker NYC bus!





Frank Waln with other Native people in New York City – People’s Climate March, Sunday, September 21, 2014. PHOTO Courtesy: Frank Waln












shared Dane Wigington‘s photo.


More alerts are going up about the climate engineering every day. This graffiti message on a London underpass was just sent to us. Though I do not recommend this activity, and am in no way endorsing it, I thought the picture of it should still be seen. My thanks to Stephen Elia for snapping this unique photo and sharing it with us.





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