Chemtrails: how to protect yourself

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IThe photo above was taken a couple of weeks ago in Totnes. In case you are not aware of this phenomena, chemtrails are toxic trails of chemicals…






IThe photo above was taken a couple of weeks ago in Totnes.

In case you are not aware of this phenomena, chemtrails are toxic trails of chemicals sprayed by aeroplanes. All planes leave contrails – vapour or condensation trails – but these quickly disappear,  usually in a matter of seconds. But chemtrails don’t dissolve in the same way. Instead they spread out and turn into ‘clouds’ – fake clouds composed of heavy metals and other toxins.

This summer the spraying in South Devon has been very heavy, and it is my belief that we are all being affected. The toxins get into our systems causing asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems, minor health issues won’t go away, people with chronic conditions find them worsening, and longer term the effects are extremely serious.

There are things you can do though to minimise the damage and I have listed some of them below. Chemtrails used to be hugely contentious… are they real etc? But now it has been discussed at the UN ( and the German government has owned up to the spraying (

There is now a Facebook group called Chemtrails around Totnes which you are welcome to join. This is what I posted last week:


Learn to recognize them in the sky and avoid spending time outside when spraying is heavy
Look stuff up online – be informed
– s a very informative intelligent site
– 2 excellent youtube documentaries: and
– gives good background

It’s important that we all speak up about this… and its also empowering to do so
– Write to Sarah Wollaston: Constituency Office, Station Rd, TQ9 5HW or
– Sign the petition at
– Write to the Totnes Times with photos – if six people in one week send in pictures, they have to take notice

Chemtrails have been tested all over the world and – although they vary – most seem to contain the same three elements:
– heavy metals: aluminium barium, arsenic
– fungi, bacteria and viruses
– strange fibres and other nanotechnology, the purpose of which seems to be to poison and to control us

To get heavy metals out of the body the following are helpful:
– Diatomaceous earth – you need to ensure that it is food-grade, take 1-2 teaspoons mixed with water on an empty stomach. Anyone who has done colon cleansing… this is just a type of clay which absorbs metals and other toxins. It’s very cheap – just over a tenner for 500g from amazon
– Have 20-30 minute hot baths using bicarb of soda and good quality salt – a generous handful of each – which draws toxins out of the body.
– Do a colon cleanse – there are many different protocols and products around – I generally use the ones from a small herbal company called Herbs Hands Healing
– Omega 3-6-9 – essential fatty acids apparently draw aluminium out through the hair

Generally detoxing the system – there are lots of different ways of cleansing the colon, liver and kidneys… I have just suggested the systems that I use.
– colon cleanse (I use the Herbs Hands Healing system)
– liver flush (Andreas Moritz’ system works best for me –
– kidney cleanse (again, Andreas Moritz)
– parasite cleanse (I use

To kill off pathogens and boost the immune system:
– MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution – unfortunately the people doing the spraying have outlawed this stuff in the US and Europe – because it is so cheap and effective – I buy mine from New Zealand – you can find suppliers and more info from
– Colloidal silver
– Oregano oil (Greenlife sells it and there is an informative leaflet)
– Coconut oil – anti-fungal and the best oil for coking anyway
– Garlic, turmeric, lemons, ginger root, chinese mushrooms
– Pau d’arco tea ( is the best value I have found)
– Aloe vera
– Apple cider vinegar

Emotional and vibrational healing
– essences from Izobel Routh is also in the process of creating an anti-chemtrails essence using local plants.
– in the process of getting informed, you may well get quite freaked out about what is happening. Processing the fear that comes up using techniques ilke EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – or something similar is very useful. And remembering that this is part of the awakening of consciousness – as people become more empowered, the ‘authorities’ who have essentially ruled the world for centuries, are desperate to try and shove us back in our boxes.
– Protect yourself from electromagnetic stress – avoid smart meters – – avoid wifi and use mobiles the minimum possible

– for other ideas go to the Facebook page ‘Chemtrails around Totnes’… we’re thinking of creating a meditation group to use more esoteric methods of healing ourselves and stopping chemtrails.

Be informed and aware, get empowered by speaking up, protect yourself… and then shift your focus to what you love.


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