Facebook / Buffalohair /Historic Ice Storm Unfolds in South; Lengthy Power Outages Possible / Fukushima Radiation Raining Death Near You Short Version


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  • Carlos TheZilla shared a link.


    With a major winter storm unfolding over the South, snow and ice will severely impact travelers and residents from Texas to the Carolinas…


    THE LATEST NEWS : Snowstorms hit Europe

    Diğer Tüm videolarımız için adresimizi ziyaret edin.. http://www.aliyildizonline.com Torrential rains and heavy snow pound parts of Europe. Severe storms and heavy …

  • [UK Weather Watch 2014] Dramatic Flooding Footage Show The Scale Of Devastation In Somerse

    Hundreds of flood warnings and alerts have been issued for today covering almost the whole of the UK – with parts of southwest England already hit by floodin…

    UK floods Aerial footage of Thames floods

    Thousands of homes along the River Thames are threatened with flooding as waters continue to rise. Aerial footage of the river between Walton-on-Thames,


  • Fukushima Radiation Raining Death Near You Short Version

  • Big Media Blindspots: Fukushima & The Day We Fight Back | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV

    Today on #OffTheGrid, the Governor treads where Big Media won’t: Fukushima. Nearly three years after the nuclear disaster, the Japanese government is trying …

  • Fukushima Truth

    The radiation readings you won’t get from the mainstream media propaganda machine. Since March 2011, TEPCO has been using sea water in a desperate effort to …

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