Time to bring in these crooks, Leave our children alone !

Not even a true queen as she and her family are of wrong blood line! A out of wedlock boy as King a no no!



The Queen’s face etched with fear, following paedophile arrest warrant, ordered by former Royal Military Policeman, Matt Taylor.The Queen has granted herself (and her family) a new right of absolutely secrecy unsurpassed in British history, in an attempt to cover up paedophile claims and arrest warrants……..

Quote:”By granting herself absolute protection from public scrutiny, (in the most controversial move of her Monarchy), she hopes to draw a veil of secrecy over:

  • The paedophile rumours.
    The arrest warrant ordered by ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, against her and David Cameron for sex crimes against children.
    The arrest warrant issued by David Compan which indicted the Queen and her husband in the 1964 disappearance of ten indigent children of the Canadian Kamloops Indian Residential School, who were last seen heading for a picnic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, never to be seen again. To this day, grieving parents haven’t seen them since.(Its worthy of note: Last week British citizen David Compan was twice arrested without charges, accosted and drugged, as was his wife. He remained incarcerated for at least a month in the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre, until pressure from the public secured his release.)
    Her involvement in Princess Diana’s death.
    The “Extravagant and Indulgent” abuse of the public purse by junior Royals and their friends.
    Satanic Worship.


    Royal budget busters. Britains Queen Elizabeth forced to dip into reserves after taxpayers funding is spent.

    The Queen is Guilty.

    On Feb. 25 2013 six judges on Brussels international court found Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    An arrest warrant was served on Ratzinger, who immediately resigned from office.”

The State Visit Of The President Of The Republic of Korea
Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring?
Today Queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes

shared a link via Carlos TheZilla.

UK Column Live – 4th February 2014

starting about sex ring at about 32:00

UK Column Live – 4th January 2014

Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins with a news update from the UK Column.

  1. shared a link via Carlos TheZilla.

  2. Canada under fire for dismissing UN concerns over violating rights of indigenous people



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