Native People ! Please read also share this with anyone you know.

Roger Cultee shared Lakota People’s Law Project‘s photo.

Native People ! Please read & share this with anyone you know. This is a “very” important message that could save our Native Children !


53% of ‪#‎SouthDakota‬‘s foster children are ‪#‎Lakota‬, even though only 12% of children are Lakota. Lakota grandmothers are illegally denied custody of their grandchildren everyday. This injustice has been going on for decades, and stretches far beyond current Governor Daugaard. The answer is tribal foster care programs- and ending the payday for state officials. Learn more:










Samatha Kematch Another Victim by Terrance Nelson
Eight thousand First Nation children are in Child and F…
  • Canada, the Whole World is Watching !
  • Is Manitoba (Canada) involved in Genocide? Newly elected Chief of the Southern Chiefs Organization (33 First Nations Chiefs in Manitoba) Terrance Nelson offers the facts:

    Overall in Canada 30,000 children are in CFS. The vast majority of those children in care are from Indigenous communities. The unemployment in First Nations is between 60 and 95% in a huge percentage of the poorest of the 633 First Nations in Canada. The Canadian Indian Act still exists in Canadian law; an act that has created economic apartheid for First Nations. In Canada, there is a list of over 600 Murdered and Missing indigenous women and included in that 600 is 90 Murdered and Missing women in Manitoba.


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