Poison GMO Air From Fake Trees To Poison the Air/ Soil / Earth / Water / Our Children? Your Animals / Pets ? Yourself?

BREAKING NEWS: While the film makers of Santo Movie were researching for the film, they came across another important story that should be sweeping the internet and informing people across America and other countries facing territorial Monsanto and Biotech Agra giants.

Taken right out of the Monsanto playbook, South Carolina-based company ArborGen, is currently being considered FOR ABSOLUTE APPROVAL by the US Department of Agriculture to release GMO trees into the environment within the next 2 years.

If approved, it would be the first time a transgenic tree is authorized for commercial production in the country.

This will be the biggest threat to hit mankind.

With trees, you would be altering traits that will affect ecological relationships for hundreds if not thousands of years, disrupting symbiotic relationships among species that have co-evolved over thousands of years.) How about the pollen that can travel thousands of miles, even up to as much as 6,000 miles, unquestionably contaminating soil throughout the globe with gm trees within a short amount of time.

The result? No way to stop GM trees from infiltrating our entire world given enough time.

Control the oil, control the nation. Control the food, control the people…Control the trees control the very air we breathe.

We applaud Santo team for its continued efforts in exposing the truth through its research.

We ask you in the final hours help support the film we know will bring great awareness to this devilish GMO landscape.

Please visit this page now and Join the team of investigative film makers making a difference for us all:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gmo-movie-santo#/

Loblolly pines are used for lumber, plywood and paper. Arborgen, a tree seedling company, has developed a genetically modified cultivar of the tree that’s higher in density and will not be regulated by USDA.

Courtesy of Woodlot, Wikimedia Commons

Loblolly pines are used for lumber, plywood and paper. Arborgen, a tree seedling company, has developed a genetically modified cultivar of the tree that’s higher in density and will not be regulated by USDA.

A pine tree genetically engineered for greater wood density can be grown without restrictions after the USDA decided it lacks authority to regulate the variety.

The finding has alarmed critics of genetically modified organisms who fear the new cultivar will cross-pollinate with trees in the wild, resulting in unknown consequences for forests.

ArborGen, a tree seedling producer, altered the loblolly pine variety with a “gene gun,” inserting genetic material from the Monterey pine, the American sweetgum tree, mouse ear cress and E. coli bacteria.





WHY? Because they want us all dead! Why?

They want the Earth as their own Private Island.

Why? Greed/ Power/ Control? They Hate other people:(


Heck they will even kill/ murder this guy off in the end.

And even this other guy and his crew:) Yep! Even murder you!


















What will Mother Earth do with all of us ?

So  she can then Heal Herself?

I would not blame her one bit!

There would be No New World Order left of the Fallen Angel

Who could never return to the Heavens!

He has to live under ground with his flying disks.

Yep! Mork their false g*d

He really told them a whopper of a lie!

Or a Line as They bought it Hook, Line and Sinker!

Their 2012 Olympics Ending:)







Mother Earth would then have plenty of time to heal herself.


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