The Smooth Show Presents A Tribute to Wahya Tom Brown 1953 – 2012

The Smooth Show Presents A Tribute to Wahya Tom Brown 1953 – 2012

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A Tribute to Wahya, Tom Brown (1953 – 2012)

Unfortunately DJ Tom ‘Wahya’ Brown, 57, crossed over and continued his journey. He was known throughout the indigenous community for promoting native artists around the world on his radio shows. He will be sorely missed by everyone he touched in life. He was dedicated to Independent Artists, his fans & family leaving a void that will be all but impossible to fill.
Truly, Wahya was an Entertainment Promoter Extraordinaire who cared deeply about the artists in his charge and supported them through thick and thin. Talented by every stretch of the word he was a master behind the microphone or in a recording studio. He knew the art of interviews and knew how to make an entertainer shine their best. The loss of Tom is a loss for the entertainment industry and we will miss him, Squirmy and the rest of his cast of zanies. Wayha will be remembered for he will be hard to forget within the entertainment world and all who loved him.
The ‘Smooth Show’ is airing a Tribute to Wahya with a sampling of the artists he loved. The three hour Special Show includes anecdotes by Buffalohair this week.
Next weeks show will include anecdotes from his friends & fans and you are invited to join the next tribute show with your tidbits and sound bytes.
To be a part of next weeks show send stories and sound bytes to:
ON THE AIR NOW: Tom ‘Wahya’ Brown Tribute Show
AT: Buffalohair Universe
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Buffalohair -Jage Universe 7

For any Stupid things you may have said  for what ever reasons:)

Forgiveness from all of us to you so you can pass on in peace!

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