A Reminder! Bed Bugs and Roaches Feeding on Humans! How to kill them!

File:Bed bug nymph, Cimex lectularius.jpg
  • File:Bedbug bites.jpg


  • Insect Bites. A bedbug, Cimex lectularius, feeding on human blood. …. Cockroaches are much more likely to be found lodged in a patient’s auditory passage. Also Shows roaches feeding on humans…

    Insect Bites


    Insects are arthropods of the class Insecta.

  • They also feed on humans! Yikes !

    Feb 8, 2011 – Roaches As Predators? | Pest Control Raleigh NC


    QUESTION: Is it true that American roaches feed on sowbugs? If this is true could our recent increase in sowbugs be due to moisture around the home or place of business, and organic debris in these areas, rather than any effect from American roaches using sowbugs as their only food source? Also, is

  • Ann Little Running DeerBut killing them with 200 – 400 degree heat is the important part! Washing and drying in machines all the washable items, clothing, bedding, curtains, towels, scatter rugs, etc. Using closed up car as a hot box, for the  smaller items, books etc. that they hide in! They say leave suit cases in your car, with all the windows rolled up after a trip! To kill bugs and their eggs!

  • Flour beetles mostly wriggle, German cockroaches run or crawl and bed bugs mostly scrape — and the distinctive sounds those nasty critters make as they creep and crawl into our lives has led scientists to a way to detect and trap them.



File:Bed bug barrier curled duct tape over masking tape.JPG


Good old Duct tape? Does this work?

Bed bug Improvised duct tape barrier on leg of bed !  An example of duct tape (curled over lengthwise with the sticky side out and placed over a protective layer of painter’s/masking tape) used to create a bedbug barrier around the leg of a bed.

File:Bed bug Improvised duct tape barrier on leg of bed.jpg


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