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Buffalohair, The Day To Day Battle with Bonehead Spirits

The Day To Day Battle with Bonehead Spirits

If you were paying attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know that we are surrounded by many different beings or spirits. Reams of sacred texts have taught how people coped with spirits that influenced their lives over the years. For the most part these restless souls are still wandering around within the confines of the spirit-world kicking over garbage cans. Granted there are many more apparitious dudes floating around and some of them are not so cool. If you paid attention to your sacred texts or oral traditions these dorks are actually no biggie and a simple request or prayer will whisk these buttheads of the dark out of your hair.

It does not really matter which dogma you follow since they all speak about these minions and how to cope with them so it should be a no brainer. Unfortunately many people continue to walk this duel life where spirits or ghosts don’t exist yet they claim to be devout followers of their respective dogmas. Now really, how far beyond stupid is that eh? The cold hard fact of the matter is, spirits exist and always have existed since before your dogma was ever written. The only real difference between us and spirit is that sack of meat we lug around called the body. Other than that, we are spirits in every respect and whence we kick the proverbial bucket we will be floating around doing what spirits do. Hopefully you don’t decide to pushing ashtrays around and terrorize your widow. But if that’s your choice then so be it. But I believe there is a protocol within all dogma’s that guide you through the routine after you leave life on earth so maybe its time to pay attention.

Frankly I find any and all parlor games some rapacious spirits like to pull off quite lame and I am not impressed one iota. Give me a break, so you’re dead but that does not give you license to barge into my pad and screw with my sleep or move my furniture around. Moving chairs is just plain stupid for a spirit to do in my opinion. Why the hell would these boneheads waste their time trying to freak me out anyway? If they really wanted to do something they could clean out my fridge or water the horses but waking me up at odd hours of the night just pisses me off and they don’t get the response they were looking for. Fact is, a person should never be brow beaten by any spirit no matter how ugly they try to make themselves. I prefer to whisk the air around them while showing them the door since I have no use for these foolish apparitions. I could give a flying crappola about their threats either and I’ve been given all kinds of threats by these goons of darkness in the past. They don’t have power unless you feed them with your fear, plain and simple.

Oh they will rush up to you with some hideous looking face they contorted to freak you out but that’s all they really can do unless you play into the fear factor. But if you stand your ground, even if you’re freaking, they will eventually leave you along since you did not feed into their B.S. After all, bad or lame spirits feed on fear and that is what gives them power, just remember that. But your respective dogma will provide you the necessary tools to cope with these butt-cracks of the hereafter provided you are paying attention. Within my tradition we don’t give these crumbs an inch since they will take a mile if you let them and fear is their primary objective. It is not to say I would not get startled but who wouldn’t if someone or something tried to spook you in the dark. But once I get my bearings I am chasing them around with a broom just to screw with them and they don’t like that at all. As far as I’m concerned, they were punks and sidewalk commandos in life and they still are punks in death. Besides, they were too stupid to continue their journey and chose to hang out here. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

The big deal about coping with spirits, especially at this juncture in time, is the fact the spirit-world is interfacing with our plain of existence more and more. People are doing some lame things these days and its all about those “voices in their heads” gawd. Those voices are them butthead spirits telling people to toss Joey in the oven or whack their spouse’s heads off. Within my tradition we already know the shroud of evil has descended on humanity. Deception and greed has become the order of the day where humanity is of minor consequence and regardless of how bad this is, it’s only a sign of bigger things to come. The reality is the fact man’s nonsense will soon be washed away as people struggle to survive natural events rendering man’s influence only to a pimple on an elephant’s ass by comparison. We may think we are struggling now but in the future this will be a fond memory.

My people embrace this time of change since we’ve lived in squalor for generations, well after my people were colonized and placed in reservations that is. For us indigenous types this time of change is liberation from hundreds of years of lies and broken promises. You guys only get play in this fetid crappola for the next few years, so you lucked out in a way. And I don’t want to receive any hate mail telling me how prejudice I am with white people because I have a ton of nonnative friends I work with in the entertainment industry. The message of change and spirituality is a universal message for all of humanity and not relegated just to us red guys. We are not privy to this time of change; it’s just that this axiom was never removed from out tradition.

Charlemagne and his minions made sure all you Euro dudes lost your ancient traditions and in a way he was Europe’s General Armstrong Custer for all the death and destruction Charlemagne and his lineage bestowed on those who did not pray his way, what a spaz. And they called him the great builder of Europe, paleeze. Hmm, come to think of it why is it when I mention my indigenous history people get the red ass and tell me that I should be more kind and sensitive about it? There is nothing sensitive about what happened to my people since it was wholesale genocide, rape and torture and there is no kind way to describe a holocaust either. Unfortunately this was committed by Europeans and their descendants so there is no way to gently unmask this reality. There, I vented…

I still think spirits from the Creator have a great sense of humor since, for what ever reason, they chose me to be one of the many messengers preparing man for the time of change. Believe me, I did not choose this job since I was perfectly happy being a goon in my corrupt little world shaking down creeps, pushing my weight around and doing wheel stands with my 53’ Panhead. But nooooooo, here I am warning people of impending danger and asking them to seek out their own spirituality within their respective dogmas in order to survive the times that lay ahead. In a way there is consolation though, it was also prophesized many people would not heed my ramblings or that of their respective religious icons so if you don’t buy into my stuff, oh well, ain’t no skin off my nose but at least I did give you a heads up.

I am just not the fluffy messenger with trumpets playing and all that. I’m just a crusty old native guy with a salty disposition and a chip on my shoulder who could give a flying crappola what people think since I really don’t care. Just remember that spirits are on the prowl and the secret to dealing with them and the time of change is written within your scared texts, I know because I even read it. Maybe you should read your sacred texts; it may save your life in more ways than one. Now was that fluffy or what?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Buffalohair, Al Qaeda is going to Retaliate? What about the Last 10 years?

Al Qaeda is going to Retaliate? What about the Last 10 years?Just when you thought the news could not get any dumber then the media flashes a blurb that Al Qaeda is going to retaliate for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Umm, well aren’t we at war with these Bozo’s already? Maybe someone should send them a communiqué and remind them we are still in the midst of heated combat. Those are not canneries flying past their windows, they are drones. We’ve given up our civil rights already so I guess in response we will simply just eliminate what is left of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution that will show them. As for being safer, now we have to contend with trigger happy cops eager to try out their tasers if we blink suspiciously or mention fava beans.

Though we’ve bombed the Mideast into the Stone Age killing civilians by the gaggle Americas have taken a major hit since we now live in a paranoid society that has become afraid of their own shadow. We are the chicken nation, cluck, cluck, cluck. Homeland Security has Americans spying on Americans while the Taliban laughs all the way to the bank and now little Joey Zimmermann gets felt up at the airport. We live in lock-down conditions and everyone is a suspect in this upside down convoluted form of government. G.W. ushered in the unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT and now tyranny reigns. If that were not bad enough Obama quietly renewed this travesty of government and wrote in a few more pages and he’s a constitutional attorney. How far beyond stupid is that? Guess we now know why he was a community organizer and chair folder. Gads, I hate this proxy Bush third term but the military industrial complex and all its investors love it. So do speculators and the banking communities. Dare I mention all the third world dictators who continue to receive billions in US taxpayer’s money while we scrounge around in dumpsters for sustenance?

The frosting on the cake surely is the threat from alleged Al Qaeda lackeys that America faces retaliation for whacking bin Laden, paleeze. Maybe these buttheads should head back to the Mideast and catch a glimpse of what is happening because it would appear these guys are living on another planet. Maybe they are hanging out with them space dorks who share technology with pinheads and murderers back on earth. 10 years transpired since G.W.’s War came into being, under false pretenses thanks to Donald Rumsfeld. Many of our kids died in the process already and you have to wonder what everyone is thinking and if they are capable of sound logic. Obviously everyone has their heads up their posterior and is incapable of thinking outside of political correctness and corporate profits. So Osama is dead, what’s the excuse gong to be now? Maybe we’ll invent another noble cause to finish off the rest of our youthful population and spend millions more on smart bombs that still kill civilians.

I can see it now, Al Qaeda made another threat and it’s the Americans who will bare the brunt of more laws that restrict civil liberties and quash what is left of the Constitution of the United States of America. Guess we will have to go to the airport naked and prepare for cavity inspections like in county jail. The reality is, Al Qaeda and the Taliban deployed a Weapon of Mass Destruction and everybody missed it because it was dropped on our Constitution decimating democracy as we once knew it. But I guess you missed it, oh well.

Your Devil’s Advocate