What Has Happened to Our Fruit and Vegetable Seeds?

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January 22, 2009

Moving right along here.  We just wrap up companion website to the film Homegrown Revolution – well, almost.  A few things need written and linked. But you can now order a copy of HGR!

Now onward to our other venture!

The Freedom Seeds website is not ready yet.  You know how it is with websites they take longer to develop than conceive.  Especially merchant websites. there’s just so much other coding involved.

So given the fact we are behind and with the seed buying rush in full swing and everyone itching to place their seeds orders we have put together a FREEDOM SEEDS 2009 LIST order form that you can request via email at dervaes@pathtofreedom.com and start placing your seed order TODAY! Or leave your name and email in the comment box below and one of our volunteers will email you the 2009 Freedom Seeds List

Support seeds grown by the people for the people and our mission to promote seed sovereignty.

Take Back the Seeds,
Take Back Our Food

Freedom Seeds is the revolutionary new seed sovereignty movement spearheaded by the non profit Dervaes Institute. Through an extensive program of education, activism, and up-to-the-minute news and fact gathering, Freedom Seeds offers a source for information on the state of our seeds, without the filter of corporate interests or mainstream media. It points to the special interests funded by Monsanto, while explaining the full implications of monopolies on food availability, livestock raising, small agricultural businesses, and one-family gardens. And it delivers ways to fight back, regaining control over the crops we grow and the food we eat.

“We have more brands of shoes than we have of carrots or broccoli.”
—Jules Dervaes

In a new model of activism and free-market enterprise, Freedom Seeds.org offers a reliable resource—not only of information on the state of our seeds, but also of the seeds themselves—safe, dependable, organic seeds untampered by industrial modification.

In its first season, Freedom Seeds gives one-trowel revolutionaries the most potent weapon at their disposal—more than 75 varieties of vegetable seeds to grow in their gardens. Working with small providers, Freedom Seeds is the conduit for the safe, diverse, and economical seeds every gardener can trust, and gives everyone a chance to be a steward of diverse strains now under threat of eradication by the seed monopolies.

All profits will go towards our homegrown, grassroots non profit educational outreach & development.

We look forward to this venture and we hope you do too.

What is Happening to our Healthy Food Supply?

But, What has happened to our healthy food supply? … Drying Process of organically grown fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts has been developed .
www.helpstop-globalwarming.com/healthy-food.html – 11k

Benefits of a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables – Nutrition

The different colors in fruits and vegetables help our immune system react …. Your stomach will not dissolve whole flax seeds and many of them will come
ambafrance-do.org/nutrition/26973.php – 31k –

Monsanto, Genetic Pollution and Monopolism – SourceWatch

Nov 17, 2008 … Besides this Monsanto has aggressively claimed patent ownership of ….fruit-and-vegetableseed giant Monsanto paid $1.4 billion for the
www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Monsanto%2C_Genetic_Pollution_and_Monopolism – 61k –


The Who Farm, which hoped to encourage the White House to plan an organic garden.

Michelle Obama actually breaking ground the other day, to the delight of the media, a class of 5th graders and a lot of well-meaning folks out there.

Frankly the timing is suspicious considering the very hot current topic of bill HR 875. This bill, otherwise known as The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, was introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., in February. Her husband is Stanley Greenburg, who works for Monsanto, wouldntcha know. This bill threatens the very legality of organic farming, and the outcry is far and loud across the less mainstream Internet. Here is one typical discussion, but one can find raised hackles all over the place.

So is this Obama family garden plot a little publicity aimed to steer the public away from the truth about the administration’s apparent position on big ag? It raised an eyebrow over at Cryptogon, and forums are quickly picking up on the hypocrisy. It seems outrageous to clamor over the wonderfulness of a White House organic garden without at least mentioning the pending bill and its surrounding controversy.

This bill is sought by the current administration in response to recent food safety issues. The tragic problem of tainted food – spinach, peanut butter, etc – is creating quite a convenient ’solution’. Could it be just another thing to add to the list of the dialectical chess game currently being played by the Oligarchy and the powers-that-be, in order to further consolidate and empower a centralized control mechanism? Namely, and likely, the The Codex Alimentarius and its current offshoots. An interesting podcast about the Codex can be found over at Red Ice Creations with Scott Tips of the National Health Federation, which seeks to protect individual rights to use dietary supplements and alternative health therapies without government restriction. Dad 2059 has been talking about it for awhile now, and has some interesting links and discussion.

Another recent issue of contaminated toys from China, which led to, of course, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which now requires rigorous, and expensive, testing of all materials in children’s products. While some large American toy manufacturers are seeing their sales improve due to the new regulations, smaller crafters and second hand stores are going out of business by the dozen.

The Oligarchy is slowly but surely wiping out the little guys, all in the name of safety. Wonder how it got to be that way in the first place? ;)

One wonders about Mrs. Obama’s position on HR 875, and whether she has discussed it with the hubby. Perhaps, as Cryptogon tentatively hopes, it’s her way of speaking out against HR 875. Maybe there are some interesting discussions going on in the White House living quarters at night.

Or, perhaps it’s just a ruse. One certainly wonders what she thinks about the monster likely behind the bill, Monsanto, their terminator seed technology and the suicides of thousands of farmers around the world.

“Organic” doesn’t necessarily mean not genetically modified. Therefore one naturally also wonders if the White House will be using heirloom non-GMO seeds, and if so, whether they plan on also saving the seeds they harvest themselves, which is the irreplaceable link in the chain to true sustainable living and survival. Teaching organic farming to 5th graders without mentioning this is like leaving fractions out of math class.

And if the White House IS growing heirloom tomatoes and saving seeds, for example,  how now, brown cow??

While the White House garden is a good thing to see, as it may encourage others to go out there and grow a few veggies themselves, it sure would be extra-refreshing to see someone there speak out on the issue of non-GMO seeds and the seemingly hypocritical bill which is well on its way to further controlling and restricting the choices and freedoms of our natural heritage.

by Michaels

Film The Future of Food


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