Petrified Forest

The Trail of the Petrified Forest


Great redwood trees turned to stone attract thousands of visitors every year to this private park in the hills of eastern Sonoma County. Rich in history from the late 1800s, the Petrified Forest is a perfect example of explosive volcanic activity.

Redwood trees up to 8 feet in diameter and hundreds of feet high were blown down like match sticks in the flow of a wave of ash from a major volcano to the north and east. They were subsequently deeply buried by ash and preserved by replacement of organic material by fine-grained silicon and oxygen (chalcedony). Modern uplift and erosion has exposed the tips of the trees and final excavation by man results in the display we see today.


The Petrified Forest• 4100 Petrified Forest Road Calistoga, Ca 94515 • • 707.942.6667

The Petrified Forest

The Stevenson Tree at the Petrified Forest. Step back in Time, over 3 million years, and follow the trail of majestic petrified redwood giants arrayed

Admission & HoursPhotosHistory, Timeline and Geology

Fossilized Plants

Petrified Forest National Park · The Infamous Dawn Redwood Left: An upright, petrified redwood in Yellowstone National Park. Volcanic eruptions in this


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