Cut through the Heart

Are you a people watcher? As you are waiting for time to pass by? Found you were too early and had to wait for a shop to open. So you find a bench in a Garden Mall and watch the early morning walkers:) Well, I have started to watch my life and the few people I have let into it. Am I picky who I let be my friends? I guess so but then they say ones from the West Coast are friendly but reserved and will hold you at arms length. Hummmm now that must be a regional pattern picked up and taught in families, as it is hard to see it as family genes.

I wish I was more that way in my on-line Internet Life. As let me tell you, it can be very stressful if you take that life serious or believe everything anyone says. Some have the most rollercoast life you could ever imagine if any of it is true:) LOL I find my humor comes in handy on line to deal with some of it. Even if some can not handle my humor:) As I find I have a dark humor, when ones carry on too much with their sillyness with me or become disrespectful and show a racist side to their personality. Yes, I know I should have walked away in an instant. Maybe I am learning to do that, after a few snake bites. Single web pages are best !!!!!

But I have a fault that is killing me in an online Life. Heck it has bitten me in the ass in real life a few times . So why did I let it happen on line too? Didn’t I learn anything? What is it? I some times can be too helpful for a cause and the people working for that cause or the people the cause is all about. That is a business you know in the Arts, too. Who can you use today? Funny thing is I had no plans or any planned place to go, I was just being helpful. So I wasn’t playing the game of stepping stones.

I deleted out once on line, when I thought I had done what I had promised in helping a cause. WOW talk about anger from one of that group! I had no intentions of hurting or harming them in anyway. I just got them to where they wanted to go at that time. I said goodbye now, it was fun, you don’t need me anymore. I got to see you grow and get a fan base. Hurray !!!!!!!!!!! Hey, It was a free gift of my time, just for fun. You were using me …. not I you.

But my son just reminded me of something the other day! So before you start …. think on this one before helping causes and peoples. If you like and care about them especially.

Promoting a person, an Artist does it end?

You can never stop promoting if you really care!
Because as soon as you do, their career or name
goes down the tubes and they are forgotten.
My son was saying look at this person!
She really was lousy at flying!
But she had a promoter
Her husband!
He got her personal appearances everywhere!
He kept her Name out there.
She/her name was never forgotten!
But was she the best or good at flying? No , says my son.
(Must have been one of those PBS Features he watched:)
It was her Husband , her promoter that kept her famous.

Official Amelia Earhart Web site

Official Amelia Earhart site, includes biography and rare photos.


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